Thursday, June 15, 2017

Making Waves by Clive McLean

Well, we haven't had a magazine pictorial on The Seduction of Venus for a couple of months, so before our particular friend Sophie starts berating us about 'too much art' I thought I better post something.  It's been surprisingly hot in the South East of England for the last few days so I spent some time over at my friend A's, for skinny dipping fun in her pool.  We also had a general float about on her pool inflatables, too as well as quite of of pink wine. . 

When I got back today (very refreshed indeed) I remembered a Hustler pictorial of a couple in a pool and thought that would be just the thing for this warm spell.  The problem is I couldn't remember which issue it was in, so had to spend some time searching through my files to find the October 1979 magazine it appeared in.

It's a typical Hustler pictorial of the time with four big images scattered across just six pages and just one sentence of accompanying text.  There are no names given for the models; they are just called 'him' and 'her' which is accurate, if a little unimaginative.

Although she has her hand framing his genitals in this one he doesn't seem to very excited by the prospect, unless it is post coital one, of course.  The problem with these very short pictorials is that it wasn't really possible to tell any sort of story or even present a logical sequence of images.

In the final one he does look a bit more pleased to be floating around in the sunshine with such a lovely girl (I know the feeling).  Or maybe he is just responding to her delicately spread petals and rosy entrance.  Anyway, that was it for the pictorial.  A nice, hot, damp atmosphere but not enough pictures.

Fortunately, I have some outtakes so can examine their pool bound frolics a little more.  I am not sure what sort of person wears a snorkel mask in a swimming pool though.

This one is a variant on the first double spread in the magazine pictorial.  The main difference is that he has his hand on top of her hand, as she parts her pink labia in that curious way Hustler had it's models doing.

He's still wearing his snorkel mask in these as she tries to get him excited but totally fails.  She does givesus an assertively presented anus in  this, one though

He decides to go in for some of that inner thigh kissing that magazines of the time presented as they didn't want to risk getting their magazines confiscated for showing actual pussy kissing.

As she plays with her pussy his interest, at last, seems to be being engaged.  The bottom one is a variant of the last one in the magazine pictorial.

Having aroused his interest she decides to take matters into her own hands and, it is implied, mouth.  This shot would have been a bit strong for the magazine at the time.

A couple of her on top have him with his cock head nuzzling at her parts, although good luck to them if they want to have actual sex on one of these floating mattresses.  It is not as easy as it looks!

The final two photographs have him on top and, in the last picture, photographed in such a way that he does look like he is actually doing it to her, even though, almost certainly he wasn't.  It was the first use of this 'are they or aren't they' angle in Hustler and they would continue to use it a lot thereafter.

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