Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Cowboy from Chic August 1978

Time for another short Chic couples pictorial and this one is simply entitled Cowboy,  As can be seen from the cover the whole issue had something of a Western theme to it.  This one opens with a scantily clad woman sprawled on the bed welcoming a cowboy (naturally).

Has she just picked him up in this seedy motel?  Have they come here together?  Has he paid fopr her?  Who knows as we don't have any text for this one so you can make up your own story.

In this shot the cowboy seems more interested in hanging on to his can of beer than dealing with the girl, who has chosen a rather acrobatic way of taking his trousers off.

Well, she has managed to persuade him to dump the beer at least and gets him onto the floor.  For someone from the UK, like Triple P, the American motel is something of an alien but intriguing concept.  

Of course Triple P wouldn't be seen dead in a scuzzy motel and the closest he has ever got was the Valley Ho in Scottsdale, Arizona which, when it was built in 1956, was an early example of an American motor hotel with ample parking, unusually. Nearly demolished in 2001 it has since been extended and revamped with some fifties style.  I went there ten years ago with my friend Sophie and as we had arrived by car (admittedly in her Jaguar rather than something more dubious) we pretended that we were having an illicit rendezvous and had to drink Bourbon out of a bottle in the room, amongst other activities.

In our pictorial the cowboy is now convincingly excited looking although the chronology of their clothing doesn't match the story, perhaps. 

Still, this is a nice, passionate stand-up fuck picture, as he bangs her up against the Venetian blinds.  Nice, seedy, neon lights visible outside, of course.

In the final shot she appears to be trying to get him back into action again.  it's going to be along night...


  1. Interesting (and thanks!).
    Never seen this one, but I'm finding the 'Chic' b/g sets do very little for me. I think they sacrificed any heat in their attempts to go all arty.
    The women looks like Susanna Britton/Barbera Peckinpaugh.

  2. Just want to record my Thanks! I really look forward to each of your couple postings. This has made my day! Much appreciated!

  3. I'd like to think she has paid for him. He came in costume, after all ;) Something about cheap motels always turns me on. *Clean* cheap hotels, that is...not the kind with cockroaches or other pests.

    When my husband and I were dating and we had too busy a week to spend the entire weekend together, we would sometimes meet halfway between our cities as it was about an hour drive for both of us. There was one time we met for dinner and then rented a cheap motel room for a couple of hours. It was one of those rare occasions in which we both climaxed not once but also again in round 2!