Saturday, March 18, 2017

Threesome fun from the nineteenth century

My particular friend B send me this amusing photograph of two ladies and a young (he looks younger than the usual sturdy middle aged men you tend to get in these sorts of pictures) gentleman in a nicely composed pile.  This is probably from a French erotic postcard, although latterly it has been used as the cover of a book on German erotica.   Dating these pictures is always problematic and without a very good knowledge of nineteenth century continental millinery it is quite tricky.

The shorter stockings, lingerie, hair styles and less crisp photography would tend to suggest the 1880s or 1890s.  I like the fact that the two ladies are smiling in this one.  One girl happily frigs the man and herself while the other appears to demonstrate pinpoint accuracy in giving him a salty drink.  Of course cameras at the time couldn't capture a lady in mid flow like this so a little post photographic manipulation would have been needed!

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Couples by Miklos Mihalovits

Joseph resisting Potipher's Wife

At the weekend we looked, on Venus Observations, at some of the sensuous nudes of Hungarian artist Miklos Mihalovits (1888-1960).  Here we are posting similar pictures of couples, which he handled in very different ways.  This one features a subject which has been popular for artists throughout history and is the Biblical story of Joseph (of multi-coloured coat fame) and Potipher's wife. 

Potipher, one of the Pharoah's officials, had bought Joseph as a slave and took him into his household, which Joseph ran brilliantly.  However, Potipher's wife took a shine to Joseph and kept trying to entice him into bed.  He turned her down every time (perhaps she was less attractive than Mihalovits paints her!). When her husband was a away she grabbed hold of Joseph and tried to bodily pull him into bed but he fled, although she held on to his coat.   When Potipher returned she showed him the coat and said it was evidence that Joseph had tried to seduce her.  Potipher had Joseph imprisoned as a result.  What a bitch!  

Mihalovits painted two versions of this painting and this one may have been an oil sketch,  In this version, Potipher's wife shows more leg and more pubic hair and, although not as finished as the top version, has Potipher's wife looking much more animated in trying to drag Joseph into her bed.

Amorous togetherness (1930)

This one is usually known as something like Amorous togetherness and appears to show a man leaving a woman in bed. Looking at her headdress and his kilt, however, I wonder if it isn't just another version of the Joseph picture.  She is displaying herself in an astonishingly frank way for a painting by a major artist of the time. Her succulent vulva looks very aroused.  I wonder whether, if not the Joseph story, if it is the same models painted at the same time as one of the Joseph pictures.  Whatever, it is a powerfully erotic painting by one of Hungary's most famous artisst.