Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Idylle Printaniere by Fyodor Stepanovich Rojankovsky

Following on from our earlier Rojankovsky posts here and here, we present his erotic masterwork, Idylle Printaniere (Spring Idyll or sometimes known as Paris Spring).  Originally it was entitled De Montparnasse a Pigalle which gives you an idea of the geographical journey undertaken in this story without words. Montparnasse was the bohemian artistic and intellectual heart of Paris in the twenties and thirties.  Pigalle, around three miles slightly northeast of Montparnasse and the other side of the Seine, always had (and still does) a rather racier reputation; the Moulin Rouge is located there, for example and it was prime spot for prostitutes, brothels and the sellers of the famous saucy postcards for which Paris was notorious.

These pictures were published as a portfolio of prints limited to 516 copies in 1933.  Although Rojan (as he often signed himself) produced a number of erotic illustrations in the thirties and late forties, many were not published as they were often original works for private collectors, like the Swiss actor Michel Simon, who amassed a large collection of erotica in his rambling house in Noisy-le-Grand near Paris.

This is certainly a series rooted in the Paris of the Art Deco period and begins on the platform of a Parisian Metro station as a man in a long raincoat and Homburg hat spies an elegantly dressed. pretty woman.  He is checking out her neat derriere and well turned ankles in this, the opening picture of the series.

The couple are now in the carriage and the girl fiddles with her blue beret as the man talks to her.   She is wearing one of the fashionable fur wraps of the time made from the pelt of an animal which would include its head and sometimes its legs and feet,  One of Triple P's girlfriends had such a thing when he was at College  

Whether it is a coincidence or a personal choice, she gets out at the same Metro station as the man.   Montparnasse and Pigalle are on the same Metro line.  They are now posed very close to each other and already look like a couple out on the town together. 

Above ground, the girl is now even closer to the man and he has his hand on her back, They are standing outside the entrance to the Metro station, depicted by the characteristic cursive Art Nouveau decoration designed by Hector Guimard.  Rojankovsy was born in 1891 in what was then called Mitau ,which is now called Jelgava in Latvia (Agent Triple P has been there!), then part of Russia but lived and worked in St. Petersburg, Moscow, Poznan, and Germany before settling in Paris in 1925.  This picture can really only depict Paris in the thirties.

The girl is quite happy to get into a taxi with the man and he seems to be appreciating the tightness of her skirt as she clambers into the back.

Once inside the taxi, the girl has her skirt provocatively hiked up, revealing her stocking-clad thighs while the man toys with her knee.  Rojan, who had already started his successful career illustrating children's books, was excellent at conveying character in the faces of his subjects and here the man looks quietly smug while the girl looks delighted with the turn of events.

The man is getting bolder now, as he explores the back of her soft thigh above her stocking.  The girl, here has more than a passing resemblance to the writer Anaïs Nin, who would have been living and cavorting with Henry Miller in Paris, not far from Pigalle, at the same time as these prints were published.

Mademoiselle appears to have forgotten to put her French knickers on today, as she submits, elegantly, to the gentleman's questing hand.  The background really gives the idea of a busy Parisian nighttime street just using a few lines and shapes.

The girl's pale haunch is the centrepiece of this picture as the man indulges in some intimate probing.   Mademoiselle seems to be imploring for more.  The drawings are in pencil with watercolour and coloured pencil highlights.

The man now  has one hand between her thighs and the other fondling her rear. Rojan is excellent at capturing the sinuous form of the girl in these taxi pictures.

Not surprisingly, all that stroking, fingering and squirming about have got the man's attentions up, as he proudly displays to Mademoiselle, who appears to be taking the opportunity for a bit of a breather here.

Back to it here, as she lies across his lap as his gloved hand continues to probe between her thighs.

Plunging off the seat in an acrobatic head down pose he delicately slips his now un-gloved finger into her and admires her lovely posterior.  His cock is still admiring her as well and he has taken his hat off as well as his gloves..

They have arrived at their destination; an hotel or, more likely, what the French would call a maison de passe; a place where you could rent rooms by the hour.  There used to be an hotel close to the City, which offered this useful facility, where Triple P used to sometimes go at lunchtimes, with a lady colleague, for a quick one.  The girl, amusingly, looks like she has been caught getting up to no good, while the man pays the taxi driver.  The animal head of her fur stole is clearly depicted here.

A gentle pressure on her waist sees Mademoiselle guided into the hotel room.  She looks a bit anxious but he gives her a reassuring look.

She rests her head on the brass bedstead as she waits, pensively, for the man to undress.  Is she having regrets or looking forward to it?

But no. she is pleased to see him and pulls him down for a kiss.  Her right hand stocking has slipped down to her ankle, adding a nicely dishevelled element to her look.

The man is happy to help her remove it completely which is one of the great physical pleasures in life, we think, especially if the stockings are silk as hers would be, no doubt.

Mademoiselle pauses to remove her outer clothes and display her pert bottom to her new companion.

Still wearing one stocking, she clasps her partners erection, looks at it, raptly and strokes the inside of her thigh as he contemplates her enticingly displayed nether regions.

Time for a little more exploration, as the man delicately fingers her.  Triple P read once that the biggest change in sexual practices in history has happened over the last hundred years or so, with the concept of foreplay, partly because of an increasing understanding that women want rather more than being flung on their backs and fucked straight away. Certainly, there is a nice sense of mutual exploration and caressing in these pictures.

Mademoiselle's breasts are revealed for the first time as he tugs at her flimsy chemise.  Now, she boldly fingers herself for his delectation.

Now freed of most of his clothes, his cock understandably rampant, he lays into Mademoiselle with his tongue as she looks gratefully ecstatic.  Her raised foot catching on the drapery is a nice little touch.

He has climbed back onto the bed once more and is tenderly kissing her face and squeezing her breast.  She looks like she may have had an orgasm already, due to the attentions of his flicking tongue.

Mademoiselle now reciprocates, squatting on the floor and sucking his knob into her dainty little mouth.  Has she done this before or is it all a new experience for her?  The former, we suspect.

He has her on her back on the bed, her legs spread, wantonly.  He wonders whether she is wet enough as he slips a finger into her pretty little cunt.  Goodness, yes!

All of this has been leading up to this moment as he penetrates her for the first time, delightedly watching his manhood sliding in and out of her pink petals.  Mademoiselle is watching nothing as she is being transported to another place.

Time for a change of position and a new visual delight for him, and more ecstasy for her, as he takes her from the rear.

Mademoiselle now takes charge, squatting astride his hips and gently guiding him back into herself for another bout.  She takes a firm grip on the bedstead.  She is planning to be quite athletic.  What cute dimples she has!

At last, all passion is spent but she remains astride, cuddling up to him.  He looks exhausted as, perhaps, he took on more than he expected!

This is a delightful sequence of pictures, drawn with great delicacy by Rojankovsky.  The story presentation looks forward to some of the Love Sets pioneered in Penthouse in the seventies.  Bob Guccione lived in Paris for a time so perhaps he saw this or similar picture postcard sequences while there,  This set is highly collectible today and you would need several thousand pounds to buy one of the original portfolios; even a modern print reproduction costs over £200.


  1. Love these! What a cute little ass she has! I want to be molested in a taxi and taken in a seedy hotel in Paris!