Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Priapus and Lotis

Here we have a very old erotic painting depicting the God Priapus and the nymph Lotis.  It was found on a wall in Pompei (destroyed in AD 79), so is around two thousand years old. 

Lotis, the daughter of Neptune, was attending a festival to Liber (the God of wine and viticulture) when she fell asleep (too much wine, no doubt).  A nearby donkey brayed, woke her up and she discovered Priapus trying to rape her.  Here the artist has depicted her just as she discovers the ever erect Priapus making a grab for her.

There are two versions of her fate: in the first, the donkey's noise enables her to escape but in the other, caught in Priapus clutches, she calls to the Gods for help who turn her into a Lotus tree.  This frustrates Priapus but must have been rather dismal for Lotis. She may have preferred a fate worse than death. 

More about Priapus soon.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Babes in Joyland from Chic February 1978

Another girl'girl set from Chic in this post and this one is, supposedly, set in a private school. perhaps in the past, by the entertainingly retro looking underwear on display.  It could not be more different in style from Steamed Clams, the last one we posted. This one is credited to James Baes.

This pictorial comes from February 1978.  As you can see from the slightly cropped scan, Chic was still, in this, its fifteenth issue, using its slightly over-sized format, compared to the other the time.

What is noteworthy about this one is the amount of genital touching the girls indulge in.  Penthouse, for example, which had really pioneered the two girl set in 1970 with Two Women (also photographed, coincidentally, by James Baes) wouldn't get even close to this for another eighteen months.

At first glance it looks like the two girls are touching themselves here, until you see which side of the hands the thumbs are.  Their expressions help give the shot some erotic punch, too; especially the girl on the left who is very much to Triple P's taste.

Another bold hand between the legs shot, here. In most men's magazines at the time the two girl pictorials tended not to be as explicit as regards revealing poses or strong interaction but Chic was obviously not worried about this at all.

As usual there were a very few number of pictures for this one, just five, of which there were three double page spreads. Sadly, we haven't been able to find any outtakes for it.  The final shot is a nice pile of rear aspect displaying girls, old fashioned stockings  and white rumpled dresses.  Splendid!

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Steamed Clams from Chic. April 1977

Our particular friend S has asked if we have any Chic magazine girl/girl pictorials to go alongside the girl/boy ones we have previously posted: The Servant, California Steaming and Double Exposure.  There was a sort of girl/girl set in Chic's first issue, in November 1976, but it was one of those joke ones, popular at the time, featuring a boxing match and featuring the hideous Grace Jones, so we are not going to bother with it! 

The first girl/girl set proper appeared in the April 1977 issue and was called Steamed Clams.  This was also the first couples pictorial featured on the cover of the magazine.  The cover includes the only shot of the two (unnamed) models in their swimsuits in the shoot.

There was no photo credit included but it very much has a James Baes look about it.  Some artiness is apparent in that while the girls dispense with their swimsuits they retain their swimming hats and, more surprisingly, their goggles throughout.

There are two ways of handling a girl/girl shoot.  The first is just to pose two girls together, something that the UK magazines did in the seventies and eighties rather than having them interacting.   Penthouse in the UK got increasingly worried about the increasing explicitness of the US lesbian shoots and first started to cut out some of the more graphic pictures and then stopped showing the girl/girl pictorials altogether.

The second method is to have the girls interacting with each other in a purported sexual way, something that Penthouse favoured increasingly at this time.  On the whole this shoot is more like the first although this shot has some interaction between the girls.

One thing Chic featured right from the start were genital closeups of their models and they offered up (or rather the girls did) this full page effort of their steaming clams.  The girl underneath certainly has  a hairy clam!

There are just six pictures in the pictorial (plus the cover) and this one presents a very assertive anal shot at a time when they were only just appearing in men's magazines.  This pictorial is a little different from the usual run of girl/girl shoots at the time, has a certain style about it and contains several striking images. The goggles and swimming hats anonymise the girls and turn them into shiny, sculpted objects.