Saturday, October 22, 2016

The Servant by James Baes

Time for another couples pictorial from Larry Flynt's Chic magazine, whose first issue had been five months earlier, in November 1976.  This one was shot by Hustler regular James Baes, who was Chic's Director of Photography.  Initially, Chic didn't give photographic credits but from February 1977 started to do so.

This pictorial appeared in the March 1977 issue and was their second couples pictorial after Double Exposure, which had appeared  in January of that year.

Entitled The Servant, it is a mild fetish set which, in itself, was unusual in men's magazines at the time.  There is no accompanying text to shed more light on the scenario but we assume that the lady is the 'servant' although this may just be a sexual relationship rather than one of actual employment.

This pictorial is longer than Double Exposure and had eight pictures spread over twelve pages. in the usual whole page and double page photo only style of Chic at the time.

We also have a number of outtakes which we will be mixing in with the shots as published in the magazine.  You can spot which are which as the outtakes have a slightly cooler colour cast.  Many of the photos are very similar but not all have equivalents which appeared in the magazine.

This one, for example, appears as an outtake only.  Our mysterious gloved man grips the woman's wrists and presses his shoe against her mouth.  There is quite a lot of mild domination in the set.

Here the girl is kept in place with a bullwhip, several years before Indiana Jones made them popular.  The top picture is the one that appeared in the magazine and keeps the man's face unseen, as it was throughout the printed pictorial.   Chic had only just begun to show their model's anuses (the first appearing in Double Exposure two months previously) as here. 

Here the man teases the girl's pussy with his shoe.  We can't think of another pictorial from this period which depicts this activity.  

In this unpublished shot the man appears to be about to penetrate the girl's anus with his gloved finger which is, again, a very bold pose for time.

More shoe on pussy action here.  The pictorial gains a lot by the very limited colour palette of black, flesh, blue-grey and pale yellow.  

Here she is entrammeled in his bull whip which is  being pulled up against her pussy. 

Some shoe licking in this outtake shot which, again, was an unusual fetish pose for the time.

The whip reappears as the girl is dragged in close and has her bottom fingered once more.  She has a great pair of legs!

The final shot goes in for some apparent chocing play.  This is a stylish pictorial which looks really good.  It contains some unsuual fetish elements which were ahead of its time and, at least in the printed pictorial, the absence of the man's face added to the atmosphere.