Monday, October 31, 2016

Blood Lust by Matti Klatt

As it is Halloween today we though that we better have a spooky themed  pictorial, so here we have Blood Lust, a lesbian Vampire set by Matti Klatt. The lesbian female vampire was first featured (in a tastefully implied way) in the novel Carmilla by the Irish writer Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu.  Published in 1872, it pre-dated Bram Stroker's Dracula.  It was the direct inspiration for Hammer Film's Karnstein trilogy: The Vampire Lovers (1970), Lust for a Vampire (1971) and Twins of Evil (1971).

This pictorial appeared in the September issue of Hustler in 1980, a bit early for Halloween,  Our innocent virgin can be found in the opening spread lying asleep in bed unaware of the approaching bat.  It being Hustler she lies in bed with her legs apart so perhaps the bat could smell her.

On arriving in the maiden's bedroom, the bat transforms into a basque wearing vampire (or succubus, to give a female vampire its correct name). Our lovely victim is surprised but not enough to close her thighs.

"Overwhelmed, the young virgin offers feeble resistance and is subdued by the hypnotic spell of her cursed female attacker." says the text.  Or perhaps it is just the musky smell of the succubus' displayed pussy.

"At once evil beautiful, frightening yet  alluring, the fullness of the dark woman's femininity awakens withing the girl sinister excitement."  So exciting, obviously that our virgin needs to take a good look to see where that smell is coming from.

"Her darker desires, burning so long deep inside her are set free by the sharp touch of her seductress".  And who wouldn't be seduced by such a busty beauty in her black basque?

"As though possessed, the virgin is engulfed by a hot-blooded passion that must be satisfied at any cost."  There are no biting sequences in this short pictorial but in the final shot our virgin sports a pair of fangs as well.  Both ladies look the part and it would have been nice to have had more pictures in this one.