Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Nymph and Satyr by Gerda Wegener (1925)

Triple P hasen't seen the film The Danish Girl (2015) which tells the story of Danish artist and illustrator Gerda Wegener (1885-1940) and her husband, the first sex change patient.  We have been planning a piece on some of her delicious lesbian paintings for some time, however.  The film, we gather, avoids the controversial subject of Wegener's own sexuality.  Here we have a lovely nymph enjoying a satyr.  Despite the satyr's predatory expression the nymph appears to be doing all the work here in a much more female dominant way than the usual depiction of such a couple. 

The two pictures here are illustrations from the erotic book Les Délassements de l’Éros, published in 1925.  Here a more contemporary lady is tickled by a faun.  Both are really delightful watercolours. 

 More about Wegener, soon.


  1. So cute! You should see the movie, though!

  2. Great post! I agree with Sofe - watch the movie. It's good. But it doesn't mention that Gerda was a lesbian. The book doesn't really go into it either, only implies that she was very forward and driven, which I guess could be viewed as masculine traits.

  3. I heard about the movie but did not realized that the wife was Wegener...