Sunday, March 27, 2016

Easter greetings...

These splendidly retro bunnies are British actresses Brooke Vincent and Sacha Parkinson who play vintage British soap Coronation Street's first lesbian couple.  Coronation Street is nearly as old as Triple P and has now had getting on for nine thousand episodes.

Triple P's mother used to watch this show in the sixties when the women in it looked like this.  Progress!

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Double Exposure from January 1977

We have just had an entertaining phone call with our particular friend S from Vancouver, saying how much she enjoyed Lindy Benson over on Venus Observations and asking me to post some more pictorials from Chic magazine.  She asked if Chic did couples pictorials and I replied that while they weren't originally a feature of the magazine they did start to appear more and more during the late seventies.

Unlike some of the pictorials from sister magazine Hustler, the Chic sets were well photographed with very attractive models and printed on decent paperstock.  From the point of view of formatting them for this blog they also have the advantage of being very short; usually just five pages.  This is their first couples set although, in many ways, it isn't a real couples set at all.  It comes from Chic's third issue from January 1977.

It isn't  areal couples pictorial because it doesn't actually illustrate a sexual encounter but instead is about a man filming a girl with a small portable cine camera. It is a five page pictorial but given Chic's focus, in its large format, on single and double page spread photos only, we get just three images.

The final shot of the pictorial gives us Chic's first anal shot, as the probing lens approaches the young lady's parts in a none too subtle manner.  We don't know who the photographer is as, at this point, they were not giving credits of their pictorials.

We have just three outtakes from this pictorial.  The man, it should be noted, keeps his clothes on throughout, just getting down to his underwear at one point.  Hustler had had a few couples pictorials by this point and they had had the man strip off but certainly they didn't in the first couple of Chic couples sets.

We haven't been able to identify the lovely girl but perhaps one of our readers knows who she is.  She has luscious lips (top and bottom) and very perky nipples indeed.

The final shot, which didn't appear in the magazine may have been left out as it is a really full on anal shot and it would only be later on in the year that these started to feature in the magazine.  So, nicely lit and a different way of getting the girl to display herself with the cameraman adding that extra voyeuristic quality to a simple but effective shoot.

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Two Chinese girls enjoying a dildo

We don't think we have featured any Chinese erotica here before but sex was an important part of the path to happiness in Taoism and erotic art flowered in China from the tenth century until the beginning of the twentieth.  As in Japan, erotic art was also used to educate young married couples as well as providing arousing material in its own right.

These two ladies, enjoying what would now be called strap on sex, are likely to be courtesans in the Emperor's harem; their bound feet indicating their high status.  There is much evidence of the existence of dildos in the Imperial harem; no doubt to enable the ladies to satisfy themselves while awaiting their turn with the Emperor.  Unusually for Chinese erotic art, they are depicted in an interior setting.