Thursday, January 14, 2016

Marianela Nuñez in Carmen

Triple P enjoyed watching Carlos Acosta's ballet version of Bizet's Carmen on TV over Christmas (although the critics weren't convinced).  Carmen was played by splendid Royal Ballet Principal Marianela Nuñez who spent much of the ballet dressed in this enticing little black lacy number.

There really was something about the combination of black lace and very toned , pale thighs that worked very well.

Even better, at one point Acosta has Carmen tied up in a jail cell, treating her with the caution you would apply to a wild animal, which, of course, she is.

Marianela Nuñez was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, started dancing at the age of three and ballet school at the age of six (she is now 33).  She joined the Royal Ballet School in 1997, joined the company the following year and became a principal dancer in 2002 at the age of twenty.

Cuban born dancer/choreographer Acosta looks suitably ecstatic in his clinches with the lovely Marianela.

Nuñez (top) with Zenaida Zanowski in The Seven Deadly Sins

This isn't the first time Nuñez has appeared on stage in her underwear.  Back in 2007 she caused a stir in the Royal Ballet's production of Kurt Weill's The Seven Deadly Sins.


  1. Lovely! I was just watching a documentary on Ballet called 'Ballerina' this week and have been thinking about how fabulously toned they are. What incredible discipline.

    1. I had a girlfriend who was a dancer. Her legs were like silk over steel hawsers but her feet were a nightmare: bruises, blisters, corns - a battlefield!

    2. Yeah, that's the ugly part. It's beautiful to watch, but it's brutal on the feet.