Friday, August 21, 2015

The Seduction of Fifi by Richard Fegley

Someone commenting on my Playgirl and Viva couples post observed that some of the seventies Oui couples pictorials were very good and as we haven't posted any of them in their entirety we thought we would start with this one, which resonates with Triple P for all sorts of reasons.  Primarily, of course, it is because it is a period piece set, looking at the clothes, in the early years of the Twentieth Century.

This pictorial, called The Seduction of Fifi appeared in the October 1976 issue of Oui.  The photographer was Playboy regular Richard Fegley (1936-2001).  Oui had been the men's magazine in the seventies that first really went in for couples pictorials and was certainly the first (in their premier issue four years previously, in October 1972) to include men in their centrefolds.

The story behind the pictorial, such as it is, centres on virginal stenographer Vivian 'Fifi' Wooster as she is seduced by husband and wife photographers the Cooper-Smiths, when she visits their studio for a portrait.

The predatory husband and wife team soon have Fifi down to her period lingerie.  The costumes are quite good as an approximation of underthings of the period although without that feminine staple of the time, the corset.

The photographers, according to the text anyway, quiz Fifi as to her untouched status.  "No one ever laid his lips to you like this?" asks the photographer.  "Miss Wooster thinks a moment.  "No," she answers."

Having two ladies, of course, enables Fegley to indulge in the newly popular girl/girl interactions which would get more and more common in men's magazines over the decade, although, perhaps, rather less in Oui than some others.

So these two shots of Mrs  Cooper-Smith and Fifi interacting are quite bold for Oui at the time.  Stockings and lace up boots help immeasurably in the presentation, of course.

Threesomes were also unusual in Oui (I can think of one other) and, again. this one of Mrs Cooper-Smith seemingly guiding her husband's mouth towards Fifi's groin was unusually assertive too.

The setting, with its painted backdrop is exactly as you would have expected for a photographic shoot at the beginning of the twentieth century.  The self-caressing shot is very mid-seventies, however!

It is all rather reminiscent of the amusing 1990 novel Kingdom Swann by Miles Gibson (subsequently made into an amusing TV miniseries) Gentlemen's Relish, starring Billy Connolly.  This was also about a photographer shooting saucy pictures at the beginning of the twentieth century. 

The photographer demonstrates the rear entry position with his wife for the benefit of Fifi while Mrs Cooper-Smith's tongue flickers above Fifi's fluff.

At last Fifi herself succumbs to the photographer (from the rear as well, it should be noted).

The final shot has the only, partial, penis reveal in the whole shoot.  Fegley's pictorial is fun without descending into the dreaded 'comedy' approach.  Although the ladies flash their labia several times it is suggestive rather than really explicit (and certainly a step or two behind what Penthouse was now showing).  The period aspects are handled really quite well and the only let down is the grainy soft-focus photography.

It was popular with readers and in January 1977 Oui published an appreciative letter from Mr John McLaughlin of Atlantic City who wrote: "The story and pictures that make up The Seduction of Fifi (0ctober) are beyond a doubt the most delightfully sexy I've ever seen in any Magazine."  The letter gave Oui an opportunity to publish another shot from the pictorial (above).


  1. Oh, man!
    I haven't seen this since..well..the '70's, and I remembered it exactly. How sad is that? ;)

    Wanted to mention that all the 'OUI' sets appeared (around the same time) in Italian 'Playboy'.

    Also, though Hef didn't include many couples layout in (US) 'Playboy', he went nuts in the field with newsstand specials - now very hard to find. Though I've only seen 3, they contained material shot just for the publications.

    'Love Games' - 1975
    'Deborah's Dreams : A Victorian Fantasy' - 1976 (as are the rest)
    'Ecstasy Book 1 - Woman's Sexual Fantasies'
    'Noelle & The Twelve Nights Of Christmas'
    'Love Scenes'
    'Ecstasy Book 2 - Men's Sexual Fantasies'
    'Sugar & Spice #1'

  2. PPP,

    Can't see a way to contact you, so I'm treating this as a private message.
    If you're not aware of it, I wanted to put you on to an amazing research source called 'Wonderclub':
    Though it's a commercial site for selling old mags, they have a staggering amount of men's titles. What's great is they have big, good quality cover repos and, in almost all cases, list the table of contents (as it's worded in the mag)!
    Just go to the upper left of the main page to 'select a magazine'.

    - Michael

    1. I have bought many of my magazines from Wonderclub although they ate far from reliable!

    2. Interesting.
      I see they offer "electronic" copies as well.
      Have never ordered from them (I don't own any mags at all), but it's my go-to to confirm (old) mag info.

    3. The electronic copies are horrendously expensive, though!

  3. This is great! Thanks for posting it.

  4. Thanks -- nice to see that again. With Oui pictorials, I hope you'll also include the separate inset shot they often included on their Table Of Contents page that went along with the features.

    1. I am nothing if not a completist but 'Fifi' did not have one!