Saturday, August 29, 2015

Kissing Venuses 11: Sylvia and Aurelia

These two soapy lovelies appeared in the October 1984 issue of the French magazine New Look.  The brainchild (perhaps brain isn't necessarily the correct organ) of Lui founder Daniel Filipacchi it offered a very similar, glossy style of photography with, compared to Lui at the time, some rather more explicit poses. 

We first experienced two girls cleaning each other up like this when we were at college.  Our girlfriend at the time taking her best lady friend into the shower and giving her a good soaping up for our benefit, as a birthday present for Triple P.  Very entertaining it was too.  While they weren't quite as lovely as these two they had larger busts and their passion was convincingly authentic.


  1. Ah, another story you must write/put in The Chronicles of Agent Triple P (tentative name, of course!).

  2. What a birthday present! How come I didnt have girlfriends in college like that?