Thursday, July 2, 2015

Any Sport in a Storm (Trooper) by Earl Miller

In order to post Sea Song, to go with our al fresco sex theme of a month or so ago we jumped forward one pictorial from our chronological look at Penthouse "Love Sets".  

Time, therefore, to jump back one issue to the November 1977 magazine and plug the gap (so to speak).  The rather clumsily named Any Sport in a Storm (Trooper) was Penthouse's fifth group Love Set and the second period one after 1776.  This was Earl Miller's first attempt at a group set and like all but the first, Bawdy Bathers, depicted two women and one man.

Anyway, it's back to World War 2 for this one and a first person narrative by the German officer who has stopped off in a German aristocrat's schloss en route to Belgium and the 6th Panzer Division of General Dietrich.  It is typical of Penthouse's attention to detail that there was indeed a General  Dietrich, although he was in charge of the 6th Panzer Army.

Uta (with dark hair) and Marta (the blonde) were supposed to be cousins living in the schloss, all ready to entertain the officer as part of their contribution to the war effort.  The tiny nose and toothy smile of the blonde are immediately identifiable as porn star Serena who had a ten year career from the mid seventies to the mid eighties.   Unfortunately, we can't identify the dark haired leggy lovely, who is extremely fine.

When the officer, suspicious of the two's intentions, rebuffs their advances they perform with each other for his appreciation.

"I watched Marta as she caressed her cousin's breast. her tongue followed the course of her slender body, finding sanctuary in the velvet space between her legs."  So, not just lesbian sex but incestuous lesbian sex.  How decadent!

Eventually the officer gives in to their enticements (who wouldn't?) and joins them for a romp on the Nazi flag, which we are sure no self respecting German officer would have done.

Here we have Serena giving us the only real pussy shot in the pictorial; the whole production being rather modest for the period, although the heel on the officer's chest adds to the S&M flavour of the set.

The end of the pictorial highlights what was an unusual S&M theme for Penthouse.   It was also the first time that the magazine had had an S&M scene involving a man.

This is quite an assertive cunnilingus shot for Penthouse too, given the problems they had experienced with The Lady and the Stableboy earlier in the year.

So our officer gets a good seeing to from the cousins in a pictorial that had decadent Nazis (Tinto Brass' Salon Kitty (1976) had been released in the US earlier in the year), incest, lesbianism and S&M.  Quite a statement for Penthouse!

The next Love Set will be  passionate girl/girl one which we aim to scan this weekend.