Sunday, June 7, 2015

Vestal Venuses for Vesta Asperit

Today is Vesta Asperit, a sacred day to Vesta, the Roman Goddess of the hearth.  It is the first day of the Vestalia festival.  On this day the Vestal Virgins spent their time making salted cakes which were used in sacrifices.  

 In the film Caligula (1979) the Vestal Virgins indulged in a mass lesbian romp in a pool in the temple, as might be expected of a film financed by Penthouse's Bob Guccione. In reality, the Vestal Virgins only numbered at most six and, maybe seven and they tended the sacred flame in Rome to ensure it didn't go out.

The passionate vestals in the film consisted of a number of Italian actresses and a bevy of Penthouse Pets.  In a film that is actually short on real eroticism it's an enticing scene and a good opportunity to play spot the Pet!

We will return to this scene in more detail in a future post when we take a look at the depiction of Roman orgies.


  1. It's a funny film, Caligula, epitomising ol' Bob in many ways...

  2. Great pictures from an erotic scene in the movie. Bob Guccione also filmed over two hours of hardcore footage in which only about 20 minutes of it was added to the hardcore version. This upset many associated with the production. I wonder where the other one hour and forty minutes of hardcore production ended up?