Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Watery frolics in the style of Peter Fendi

Here is a trio of paintings which were thought, for may years, to be by Austrian artist Peter Fendi (1796-1842).  Today it is not certain if they were his work or done in his style.  Fendi was a pioneer in colour printing and also designed a number of banknotes for the Austrian government in 1841.

Whoever did them, they have a spritely joy about them as groups of ladies and a couple of very excited gentlemen disport themselves in the water in a very tidy landscape.  In fact it rather reminds Triple P of  Home Park, near his birthplace of Hampton Court.

We haven't managed al fresco sex in Home Park as it is usually far too crowded with people and rather aggressive (sometimes) deer.  We did have a fumble in a more wooded part with our then girlfriend S, once, but decided that we had better wait until we got back to her apartment near Richmond Park instead (especially as it was October and quite cold, even though it was sunny). 

Anyway, these ladies are obviously not worried about the cold (no doubt ladies of the 1830s were better able to deal with the cold than we are today).  These were probably painted about 1835 (there are around 40 pictures altogether) but weren't published as lithographs until 1910.

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