Saturday, April 18, 2015

Under a tree by Fédor Rojankovsky (1891-1970)

Al fresco sex month continues with this rather charming pen and ink and watercolour picture by Fédor Stépanovitch Rojankovsky.  Coincidentally, Agent Triple P had his sexual initiation in an identical way, also under a tree, which is, perhaps, why we like this picture so much. 

The apple picking brother and sister (left) and My cousin the lumberjack (right)

Unfortunately, we don't know the actual title of this illustration which dates from a book called Petit Carnet Champtre which was published in 1936.  The other illustrations from it in this post we do have the titles for.  There were 25 illustration in all but, sadly, we have had no luck tracking any of the others down yet.

The Tramp

If they look rather like x-rated children's book illustrations it is no surprise because Rojankovsy was most famous for his children's illustrations.  We'll look at Rojankovsky in more detail another time.

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  1. Thanks for the sharing, I did not know these images.