Thursday, August 14, 2014

Eighteenth Century frolics by Milo Manara

These charming pictures are by Italian comic book artist Milo Manara and are illustrations from a book called Pentiti! (repent) by Rudolph Angermüller, which illustrates the story of Mozart's Don Giovanni, Così fan tutte and Le nozze di Figaro. 

The eighteenth century was a thriving period for erotic art and conventional artists like Boucher and Fragonard produced some paintings which would have been frowned upon a hundred years later.

Life in the large capital cities was positively licentious with London, surprisingly, being the sex capital of Europe, it's streets awash with prostitutes catering to all levels of society from princes to sailors.

We have decided to have an eighteenth century month on The Seduction of Venus and will feature genuine art from the period as well as art set in the century.  Wigs! Lacy frills!  Big skirts! Silk stockings!  And that's just the men. Zounds!

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