Sunday, August 24, 2014

The Soldier and the Squaw by James Baes

Eighteenth century month continues on The Seduction of Venus with this pictorial from November 1981's Hustler magazine, photographed by James Baes.  In reality, as we started this theme mid-way through the month it will really be eighteenth century four weeks rather than a calendar month.

Although most of our material will originate from or be set in eighteenth century Europe we cannot forget the New World, of course.  We have featured an eighteenth century-set magazine pictorial before, of course: Jeff Dunas' 1776 which appeared in Penthouse's July 1976 issue as part of its bicentennial celebrations.

Although he could be a soldier his costume is more likely to make him a militiaman or even just a backwoodsman, although the wig adds a certain formal touch.  We are less certain about the authenticity of our squaw whose ornaments seem rather too brightly coloured for the period.  Still, she has an authentically bushy pussy!  She seems very pleased to see our soldier in this one, anyway.  Maybe it's the prospect of some spit-roasted fowl.  Turkey or duck?

Here, he  is starting to look like he's pleased to see her too.  Hustler was going back and forth (or, more properly, up and down) as to what extent it showed its male models with erections at this time.  This was at the softer end, so to speak.

Much less prominent in this shot it is, nonetheless, engagingly suggestive as our squaw demonstrates that she simply can't wait for a lovely duck.

Finally, just as he is getting down to business it looks like the squaw's husband (or brother) has spotted them and lets loose a flurry of arrows, one of which appears to have hit our soldier in his rear.  The success of this short pictorial is largely down to the girl whose manages to play sensuous, playful and alarmed very nicely.

Paula for Penthouse in 1984

One of our readers has identified the lady as Paula Ann Wood, who become Penthouse Pet of the Month in March 1984,  We will look at her in more detail when we do the relevant Pubic Wars post on Venus Observations.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

The Dream of Love by Jean-Honoré Fragonard

Here, as part of eighteenth century month on The Seduction of Venus, we have this  painting by Fragonard (1732-1806) called The Dream of Love.  Now, this blog is supposed to be about pictures of women having erotic encounters with others but we have stretched our definition here because there is no doubt that this young lady is dreaming of just that.  

This is a good example of Fragonard's loose, flowing brushwork, so different from his teacher Boucher's.  Probably painted in the 1760's it still carries a powerful erotic charge today.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Eighteenth Century frolics by Milo Manara

These charming pictures are by Italian comic book artist Milo Manara and are illustrations from a book called Pentiti! (repent) by Rudolph Angermüller, which illustrates the story of Mozart's Don Giovanni, Così fan tutte and Le nozze di Figaro. 

The eighteenth century was a thriving period for erotic art and conventional artists like Boucher and Fragonard produced some paintings which would have been frowned upon a hundred years later.

Life in the large capital cities was positively licentious with London, surprisingly, being the sex capital of Europe, it's streets awash with prostitutes catering to all levels of society from princes to sailors.

We have decided to have an eighteenth century month on The Seduction of Venus and will feature genuine art from the period as well as art set in the century.  Wigs! Lacy frills!  Big skirts! Silk stockings!  And that's just the men. Zounds!