Thursday, May 22, 2014

Two Reflected Ladies: French Postcards by Grundworth

Our most recent Centrefold Venus on our Venus Observations site makes use of a mirror to offer an alternative view of its subject in the same frame. Proving that there is nothing new in the erotic depiction of women's bodies we have these four studies from a series produced by the French postcard studio Grundworth. 

Like most of these postcard publishing outfits of the time, little is known about it, as, despite the widespread circulation of these cards (which were certainly tolerated amongst troops during the Great War) their production and distribution was illegal in France, hence the requirement for anonymity.

Grundworth produced erotic postcards from the 1890s to the 1930s.  Given the timespan and a number of different styles the name is unlikely to represent an individual photographer but more likely a group of photographers who were, perhaps better known, but wanted to hide their real identities.  Grundworth cards were very collectable and are even more so today.  You can expect to pay from £75 to £150 each for these little treasures.

These photographs are often dated at 1935 and certainly the hairstyles are right for this period.  The gartered stockings may indicate a slightly earlier date in the late twenties, however.  These pictures are also sometimes knows as women on a chaise longue but the width of the piece of furniture is more likely to indicate some from of divan or other bed.

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