Friday, May 16, 2014

Swept Away by Patrick Barnes

Patrick Barnes only did three pictorials for Penthouse, of which this is the second one.  Of course, the name could be an alias for one of the other regular Penthouse photographers, who sometimes employed a different name if they already had a number of other pictorials in the issue. Although in this case the other photographers in the issues concerned are all different so it may well be a real name.

Anyway, this is his only couples shot.  It comes five months after the last two girl pictorial, The Serpent, which was rather atypical in style.  Here we are back to a more narrative approach.

There is a significant difference, of course, from just posing two naked girls together (as was seen in UK magazines at the time) and posing them in a way that suggested they were in a sexual relationship; something that Penthouse gradually mastered in the mid to late seventies.

The story behind this one is that Erica goes down to stay with her friend Kate by the sea and the sunset walk along the beach starts something up between them.  "Lovely Kate took my hand and led me along the dunes.  When she took me in her arms I felt my desire intensify."

Kate and Erica indulge in some passionate breast play.  The perky thrusting of the pair in the picture above is quite superb!  Who could resist them? 

The success of this pictorial is due, in large part, to the passionate kissing depicted.  As we have observed before, kissing is not that common in girl/girl sets such as this but Kate and Erica put in a convincing performance here.

We have a couple of shots of the girls in stockings and just the one labia flashing shot.  Apart from the very daring The Spider and the Fly from seven months earlier the girl/girl sets in Penthouse had not been nearly as revealing as the solo sets in the magazine.

We get a bit of implied cunnilingus here but, as was usually the case at this point, the text was more explicit than the photographs themselves.  "We made love again and again.  Kate's tongue seemed to have a life of its own - first running along my neck, then thrusting deep inside my mouth, then gently teasing my nipples, and finally lapping furiously between my legs.  Then I turned Kate over; and as she writhed with pleasure, I ran my tongue between the cheeks of her ass, poking it inside one hole and then the other."  This was certainly the first mention of anilingus in a Penthouse pictorial.

Finally, the girls end up in the hot tub for more passionate caressing.  In fact, the bottom picture was so passionate that the UK edition of Penthouse left it out of its version of the pictorial.  Perhaps the implied cunnilingus wasn't implied enough for British sensitivities! 

So, overall, this is a good pictorial; only suffering from the fact that it was a bit short at six pages and just thirteen pictures.  The three girl set Class Reunion, from two months previously, had had fourteen pages and nineteen images, for example.

Next up (and S from Vancouver says I need to post these Penthouse sets more often!) will be a boy/girl set starring Pet of the Month for October 1976, the gorgeous Suzanne Saxon.  Fortunately, we have already scanned this so it won't be a long wait!

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