Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Room in Rome: Natasha Yarovenko and Elena Anaya

Yesterday Triple P decided to watch a film that he has had in his pile (along with about a thousand others!) for some time.  Super-glossy lipstick lesbian movie Room in Rome (2010).  It's a favourite of our particular friend S, from Vancouver.   There has been a lot of fuss about Blue is the Warmest Colour lately but one area where Room in Rome trumped it was in particularly striking stills, from three scenes in the film, which appeared in publicity for it.

The most striking, of course, was the picture of the two stars in the bath; particularly as it was shifted to a vertical format for things such as the DVD cover where it no doubt helped shift a lot more copies than it would have done with a different photograph on the cover.

Indeed, these two US versions of the DVD (middle and bottom) just serve to demonstrate how much more striking the UK version of the cover is (top).

In the film the bath scene is shot with the bath horizontally across the screen, naturally, but as stills they work nuch better in the vertical format.

The next effective image is a still from a love scene under a shower (top).  The positioning of the actresses hands and arms really makes this shot.  In the scene we see their hands in action, as they mutually finger each other in what is the most intense love scene in the film; although it's not really explicit.

The third sequence of stills comes from a love scene in bed which, again, is passionate without being explicit.

The two beautiful actresses in this are, firstly, the Ukrainian born, but Barcelona based, actress Natasha Yarovenko.

Secondly, Spanish actress Elena Anaya, who is best know for her small part in Van Helsing (2004), as one of Dracula's brides but is an experienced actress who has regularly been appearing in films for nearly twenty years (she was 35 when Room in Rome came out -Yarovenko was 30).  She was also the heroine of the Justin Timberlake video for his song SexyBack, where she looks quite sensational.

Elena had already appeared in Room in Rome director Julio Médem's equally steamy Sex and Lucia (2004).

In 2011 a Spanish magazine published pictures of Anaya kissing a woman film director, Beatriz Sanchís, who she later admitted had been her girlfriend for three years, although they broke up last year.


  1. Do I sense an appreciation of Paz Vega in Medem's 'Sex & Lucia' on the horizon? ... :)

    1. I've never seen it, although I think it is buried in my collection somewhere. I'll have to dig it out!