Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Lesbian love by Julie Delcourt

 Time for a few more of the elegant watercolours by the mysterious Julie Delcourt.  On this occasion there is not an enema in sight; just a group of pictures of ladies enjoying each others charms.  Here we have just five pictures of women in Sapphic situations.  The first one has a lady delicately stroking the back of her friend's hand as she masturbates.  The way the artist has depicted their heads touching makes this a gently tender scene.

The second picture appears to be one of Delcourt's generation spanning ones; with a younger girl being penetrated by the finger of her elegant older friend who is affectionately nuzzling the soft skin between her thighs.  Delcourt was particularly good at expressions and here she conveys the younger woman's expression of both surprise (perhaps at a first experience) and abandonment.  Her fingers grip the table in ecstasy.

Although these women appear to be the same age the one on the left looks much more dominant as she thrusts her dildo into her girlfriend from behind.  The dildo appears to be held in place rather than a strap-on.  A riding whip lies, enticingly, on the table in the background and there seems little doubt that it will be the brunette wielding it.

The final two paintings are a pair, featuring the same protagonists.  In the first picture, the older woman gazes, hungrily, at the pert posterior of her younger friend, in a fine depiction of physical lust.   The pose of the girl on the right conveys innocence despite her bold display.  She has obviously not thought of the effect she is having on the woman on the right.

In the second painting we see the older woman carrying the object of her lust towards a bed.  In this picture it is patently a strap-on dildo, whose glans brushes the rear end of the younger girl.  It is quite clear that she is going to be ravished from behind.  The girl's expression is a mixture of trust and nervous anticipation.  The older woman just looks determined to get on with her conquest.  An excellent pair of erotic pictures! 


  1. Stop with this damn "Julie Delcourt". It's pure fantasy, there is no clue of the real name of the guy who drew this..

    1. There are two known preparatory studies for some of these pictures signed by Julie Delcourt and dated from the nineteen thirties. It doesn't men that is the artist's name and doesn't mean she is a woman (as I said in my original post) but its not "pure fantasy". It's all we have and, as a result, Julie Delcourt is the name that most people now use for this artist. It's convenient alias if nothing else and, whatever, doesn't detract from the paintings themselves.

  2. Camille is right, this "Julie Delcourt" business is nonsense. I agree with you that it doesn't affect our appreciation of the work, but it is problematic in that it muddies our understanding of the work's provenance.
    The two so-called preparatory studies are clearly fairly crude tracings made from pre-existing paintings. Not only do they exactly match the paintings when they are overlaid, the pencil marks record or outline the brushmarks of the paintings and so must have been made afterwards. The date of 1938 on one drawing is also clearly impossible (unless the 3 is a misread 5). The stylistic conventions used in the paintings and the fashions of clothing, shoes and furnishings depicted suggest they were painted in the 1950's.

  3. Thanks for the support, Anonymous. Your analysis is perfect.

  4. I developped my idea that "Julie Delcourt" name is just a fake (bad fake) on this post: http://www.camillemm.com/blog/julie-delcourt-rumeur-curiosa/ (sorry, in french).