Thursday, December 26, 2013

The Serpent by Gadja

Our next Penthouse "love set" comes from November 1976, the month after The Spider and the Fly appeared.  These couples pictorials were becoming more and more common in the magazine in the second half of 1976 with this being the sixth love set to appear between July and November. By comparison there had been just six for the whole of 1975.

One of the six couples pictorials from the previous months, 1876, had also been shot by Gadja.  Triple P can't discover anything about this photographer other than the fact that they were sometimes credited as Zee Gadja (the d and the j got transliterated).  We don't even know if they were a man or a woman!  Gajda certainly shot for the Penthouse owned women's magazine Viva in the mid-seventies.

Anyway, this pictorial features two women having fun with a snake.  Whether the snake is having fun nobody would have bothered to ask in the seventies.  The photographer successfully turns the reptile into a phallic symbol throughout, which isn't that difficult with a snake really.

Lots of suggestive licking ensues, for which you have to give full credit to the ladies.  We aren't given their names in the accompanying text which just witters on about Adam and Eve and how delighted the snake must be to writhe around the lithe forms of the ladies.

Both women are made up in something of an exotic avian fashion which gives the pictorial something of a fantastical flavour.  In the first four pictures of the pictorial we only see them from the bust up, at most.

Here we can see that they are also wearing feathered gloves as well, which adds to the tactile quality of the whole pictorial.

Here the snake, it looks like some sort of python, curls around one of the ladies' bottoms.  This pictorial is perilously close to the "arty" type that Penthouse would feature once in a while but just manages to avoid losing any erotic charge which some of the more pretentious ones did.

These two of one of the women with the snake between her legs deliver the required sexy quotient even if they aren't exactly subtle.

Even less subtle are these two were our reptile slithers over the tawny anus of one of the girls and slides between her perfect cheeks.  As the accompanying text says: "The snake has a special - and enviable- knack for adapting to the ins and outs of its environment.  It fits snugly where no man dares venture, insinuating itself into the slippery cracks of any moist surface it claims as its home.  Being very inquisitive, it is especially fond of exploring secret places."

In the final shot of the pictorial. for the first time the girls seem more interested in each other although the snake insinuates itself between them.  As the text says, the snake "leads a charmed existence, imperiously vanquishing all enemies, ready to submit only to the most fearless and beautiful of birds."

A not entirely successful pictorial perhaps, certainly in comparison to The Spider and the Fly which also featured masked women, but certainly part of the trend for an increasing number of love sets in Penthouse which would see nine altogether the following year.  Before we reach 1977 we have one more boy/girl set for 1976 to come.

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