Friday, November 8, 2013

The two friends by Manuel Robbe

We have just posted some gently sensual images by French painter and printmaker Manuel Robbe (1872-1936) over on our Venus Observations blog.  Here are a couple more overtly erotic works by him. Both called Les deux amies they are quite explicit illustrations of lesbians.  In the top picture one girl caresses her friend's sex while she looks at the viewer making him (or her) a voyeur to the scene.  The blurring around the girl on the right's hand may well be a deliberate attempt to suggest frantic movement.

The second one has the first one kissing her friend's groin.  Both are very nice illustrations although the bottom one is more finished and lacks the loose spontaneity of the top one.  The girls in this one seem to be getting through quite a lot of Champagne!

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