Monday, October 7, 2013

Lesbian Lovers by Paul Avril

Here is a rather sweet illustration from French artist Paul Avril of two young ladies enjoying each other's company.  Perhaps they are scared of the stormy weather, given there is a rather violent flash of lightning and an ominous looking sky outside, and are comforting each other.  Beautiful work on the drapery.

Avril was born Édouard-Henri Avril in Algiers in 1849. He studied at the École des Beaux Arts in Paris in the eighteen seventies.  He illustrated both conventional novels and what the French called galante literature which were privately published erotic novels.  He died in 1928.

This example comes from a 1909 edition of just 310 copies of the 1741 novel Histoire du Saturnin Portier du Chartreux by Gervaise de Latouche which is a story about illicit love between monks and nuns.  According to the original caption the lady on the right  is feeling "her pleasure mount by degrees".

We'll post another illustration from the same book on our Venus Observations blog shortly.

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