Thursday, September 19, 2013

Kissing Venuses 8: Brea Bennett and Shyla Jennings

We don't usually feature pictures from modern magazines as the photographs are very weak, on the whole, compared with those from the seventies, eighties and even the early nineties.  This one is bang up to date and comes from this month's Club International (volume 42 no 10).  Amazing, considering we have Vol 1 No 1 in our collection and even remember it's striking cover of Francoise Pascal from when it first appeared on the shelves in 1972.

This comes from a not very racy girl/girl set of Shyla Jennings (left) and Brea Bennett (right) by Suze Randall's daughter Holly.  Other pictures we have seen from the set (thanks to S in Vancouver) are rather more explicit but those would not be allowed in a UK magazine.

As we have observed before, pictures of girls actually kissing are rare in girl/girl sets so we were surprised and delighted by this example.  S has sent us a couple more from the set too.

5'2" Miss Jennings (28) was born in Germany as her father was serving in the US military.   Miss Bennet (26) actually isn't, as she is married. 5'5" tall, she comes from Arizona and actually trained as an opera singer. 


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