Saturday, August 24, 2013

Orientales by Bernard Charoy

We haven't had any harem girls for a while so we thought we would post this sixties confection by Bernard Charoy; one of a number of French pin up artists who brought their own Gallic charm to the genre.

We'll look at more of his work over on our Venus Observations blog in due course but here, for now, are his very "of the moment" harem girls.  They look more like the playthings of a sixties master than the historical inhabitants of a Turkish harem.  The one on the left looks exactly like Brigitte Bardot and the fact that she and the one on the right are looking at the viewer increases the air of enticement,  The one second from the left seems more interested in her companion who while retaining her bejewelled top seems to have lost the clothes from her lower body.  Just the subtle sort of implied lesbianism that every harem scene needs!

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