Thursday, June 13, 2013

Boy/girl pictures by Tracy Nakayama

Tracy Nakayama is a Hawaiian born artist who lives and works in California.  Arouind ten years ago she started work on a series of coloured ink drawings depicting men and women in sexual situations.

She has used a very warm and engaging style based on seventies porn but actually including quite a lot of tenderness too.  

Some are more romantic  images that could almost come from advertising of the period if it wasn't for the nudity.

The women display full-on, seventies-style hairy cunts which is an unusual aesthetic to use in these days of hairless pudenda but contributes significantly to their retro appeal..

This bearded man reminds Triple P of Chris Foss' illustrations for The Lovers Guide from 1973.  The beardy man, was, of course the other illustrator of the book, Charles Raymond, who posed with his wife for Foss' camera as a source for his black and white drawings.

A couple of them incorporate very seventies lettering which gives them an even greater hippy vibe.

Mostly Nakayama has her men in the typical flaccid state of the couples appearing in the likes of Hustler and Penthouse in the second half of the seventies.

In just a few examples she depicts the man with an erection but it is noticeable that there are no penetrative images; it's all about foreplay, really.

Whilst studying at New York's School of Visual Arts she did a number of drawings of nude men based on photographs in Playgirl magazine and it is this style which she continued with for her couples pictures.  The picture above comes from that early period.  Her later pictures, most of which come from the period 2002-2005,  use more white on the figures' bodies.

She has also done a number of pictures featuring groups of figures including this joyously naked band.

This one is relatively unusual in that it actually depicts a sex act but she has transmuted the originally pornographic photo through the abstraction of her painting.  Mostly her figures are depicted against plain backgrounds but occasionally she will include a decorative element such as a patterned cushion.

These final two are also unusual in that they just feature women.

Tracy Nakayama

We like Ms Nakayama's pictures a lot.  They are erotic but also very playful and anyone who can combine the two is definitely making the world a better place!  Thanks to S in Vancouver who tipped Triple P off about this artist.