Monday, February 25, 2013

1876 by Gajda

The second of Penthouse's Bicentennial issue pictorials was a girl/girl one by Gajda.  This photographer is sometimes credited as "Zee Gajda" and also worked for Viva, Gallery and Male.  Other than that I can find nothing about them.  This was the first of his (or her) pictorials for Penthouse of which three out of the four would be lesbian themed ones.

This was one of three "Love Sets" in this issue; the most ever.  Penthouse had published nine previous girl/girl sets but seven of these had been in the previous fifteen months.

It's always nice to start one of these pictorials with a kiss and that is what we get here.  There is no story in  the text accompanying this pictorial (c.f. 1776, for example) and, indeed, we are not told the ladies names (real or fictional), as in most of the previous lesbian Love Sets.  No stories of absent boyfriends to distract us, just two attractive young ladies in period costume in a nicely dressed set.

We don't know much about the period dress for women in 1876 but we suspect it would have been rather more structured and confining than shown here; but the overall effect is fine.  Certainly there would have been enormous bustles as well as corsets.

What the feature did talk about was a selection of other, somewhat random, events from 1876 including: Custer and the Little Big Horn, Sigmund Freud being at university, and the fact that losing candidate in the Presidential election, Samuel J Tilden, had a large collection of erotic literature.   Also mentioned were votes for women champion Susan B Anthony and Queen Victoria who, that year, became Empress of India.  What the latter two women would have thought of these photographs would have been interesting, especially, as the piece mentioned, Victoria later refused to allow a law banning female homosexuality as she couldn't even contemplate the existence of such a thing.

Anyway, the first few photos have them gazing admiringly at portions of each other's anatomy.  The lady on the left displays a pair of very cute dimples!

This pictorial is unusual amongst those girl/girl sets published in Penthouse to this point in that it has several shots of the women on their own.  This one, in particular, was also unusually explicit and was only the third picture of a model's anus to appear in the magazine.

Here is the same girl again with another bold rear-end shot.  This is a very bottom fixated pictorial, but that, we have to say, is a good thing!.  

The photographs, more than any other girl/girl set they had had, portray only parts of the women's anatomy in many pictures.  You can only see both their faces, for example, in just three photos.  Here we have more appreciative bottom gazing.

In each of these pictures we get a shot of the girl from behind with just the hands being visible of the other girl.  The one immediately above is notable as being the first picture in Penthouse where one girl actually opens up the labia of the other.  In fact this move hadn't even been done in a solo yet at this point.

In the final shot of the pictorial we still don't get both women's faces but we do get the only shot of breasts in the entire pictorial.  More interestingly, the girl on the right displays an unshaven armpit which, of course, is nicely period accurate!   So, this set, which we do like, was, in some ways a straying from the path, stylistically, of what had been established for Penthouse's girl/girl pictorials over the previous years.  The next one, in October 1976 would be even more radical.  Before that, however, we have the final Love Set from the July 1976 issue, the boy/girl 2076, to post.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

1776 by Jeff Dunas

For our next Penthouse Love Set we visit the American Bicentennial (or Bisextennial as Penthouse rather cringingly had it) issue of July 1976 and a pictorial shot by Jeff Dunas.  This was their second period piece after the December 1975 pictorial The Duel by Earl Miller.  Although it looks striking we are not sure of the authenticity of a bright red canoe in this period!

For this issue they had four pictorials instead of the usual three and no less than three of them were Love Sets.  1776 was a group pictorial, 1876 was a girl/girl one and 2076 was a boy/girl one.  1976 was the Pet of the Month, of course, Miss Helen Lang.

In the first picture in the set we have our two British soldiers in a canoe (which is really more French Indian War than American Revolution) with the officer observing the shore with a telescope.  Here we see what has caught his eye: two animated young, colonial lovelies.

Encouraged by their enthusiastic gesticulations he orders his long suffering private to beach the canoe to meet them.  Despite their being two young ladies there seems to be no suggestion that the private should join in.  Rank has its privileges, after all.

It doesn't take long for the young ladies to get the officer off his guard and onto the ground.  Much of the text is about how colonial ladies dealt with British troops, as if all locals were on the other side from the British.  This, of course, is nonsense and there is a very strong argument to be made that the America Revolution was more in the nature of a civil war than a fight between locals and the colonial power, egged on by the dastardly French (see Rebels and Redcoats by Hugh Bicheno). 

It is just as likely, therefore that these two young ladies were Loyalists and it would certainly explain their immediate friendliness towards our young officer.   One of the ladies is going straight to the point in this picture, certainly.

Although the "officer" is wearing a wig he hasn't any other rank insignia so is his possession of a large telescope misleading the ladies?  Is he just a private with an eye for the main chance? The uniforms are reasonably but not entirely accurate.  The blue collar and cuffs would make his regiment a royal one such as the Royal Welch fusiliers who had gold lace and buttons of their sleeves and lapels.

Anyway the ladies don't seem to care and are happy to let him suck at one of their perky breasts.  Sometimes the models in these pictorials would be ones who had already appeared in the magazine, or even Pets of the Month, but we don't recognise these two.  They do a good job here, though, managing to look cute, fun and sexy.  Lots of smiles help!

Interestingly, although Penthouse in the UK had shown the fairly assertive penis shot in The Duel in December 1975 they baulked at this photo and it was the only one left out from the UK edition.  Possibly the fact that the lady on the left actually has her finger delicately curled around the man's member made it too strong for the UK.  You can get close but no touching.  It's a nicely erotic shot.

It gives a much more sensual and enticing feeling to the pictorial to have the participants, as here, falling out of their clothes gradually rather than the everyone is naked at once approach in modern magazines.  It makes the little touches like the girl with her cheek pressed against the man's bottom that much more arousing.

This time its the turn of the girl in the mob cap to get her bust fondled, although she is showing some anachronistic tan lines!

Its also good to see kissing in pictorials like this which is one thing that Penthouse, and Dunas in particular, was good at including.

Here we have a development, as one girl is unable to resist the perkily presented bust of her friend and gives it a kiss.  Meanwhile our upstanding officer gives her a good seeing to from behind.  Given that, at this stage, Penthouse was using models rather than porn star's in its couples pictorials it would have been interesting to witness the dynamic on set.  To what extent were they being directed, for example, and to what extent were they improvising?

This shot reminds us that although three out of four of Penthouse's group Love Sets had shown glimpses of the man's penis none of them had shown any of the girl's labia.  This was certainly not the case for boy/girl or girl/girl pictorials they had published up until this point.  We shall see shortly, for example, that in the lesbian set in this issue, 1876, there is really quite a lot of pussy on display.

Magazines at this time were still worried about being prosecuted for obscenity, as they pushed the envelope as to what could be shown, so it may be that the thought was that a group set, such as this, was risque enough in itself.  Certainly, the levels of explicitness in all of the Penthouse Love Sets lagged behind the levels of explicitness demonstrated by their solo girls.

This was only Penthouse's fourth group pictorial and compared with later years they would be quite unusual.   From 1974 until 1984 there would only be twelve.  Only one had been boy/boy/girl (Bawdy Bathers) with all the others featuring two girls, no doubt as they offer the opportunity of some lesbian action as well (albeit very gentle at this stage).  

Meanwhile, while the officer is having all the fun, the poor soldier is having to guard the canoe.  A soldier in the British army at this time would not have been permitted a beard unless he was a sapper.  He also would not have worn boots but gaiters.  It's a proper musket though 

Meanwhile, back on shore, its all getting increasingly steamy as one girl kisses the soldier while the other one sits astride him, although she looks a bit far back for any intimate contact.

For some reason, at this point, the girl puts her cap back on and kisses her friend.  The UK editors must have missed it (or maybe not) but the girl in the cap has her hand on the man's very erect looking penis in this shot.  But then if you have two lovelies squirming across your body such a reaction is only to be expected.

So, we think this is a successful pictorial by Dunas and certainly the first group pictorial with simulated sex positions.  It would be nearly eighteen months until Penthouse had another group pictorial.  Another period piece too but this time it did feature a porn star.  We have more boy/girl sets, girl/girl sets and a girl/girl/girl set to come  before we get to that one however.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

As it's Valentine's Day today we thought we would post this passionate picture by French artist Paul Emile Bécat (1885-1960).  It's a period piece set in the eighteenth century and a lot of the the seductiveness of the image comes from the lady's revealed posterior; dead centre in the composition. The arched back suggests a a total surrender to passion.  She's literally about to be swept off her feet and, perhaps, have that pliant bottom thrown onto the footstool.