Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Lesbian art by Betty Dodson

Girlfriends (1970s)

Betty Dodson (b. 1929) is an American artist and sex educator who preaches a positive feminist approach to sexuality which positions itself quite separately from what she sees as much of feminism which, she feels, has a tendency to have a negative "anti" stance rather than a positive stance.  We have to say we find most of her arguments quite convincing.

 Lesbian lovers (1981) illustration for an article about sex in zero gravity

Originally studying art in the fifties and then working as a fashion illustrator she had an influential show in New York 1968 called the Love Picture exhibition which showcased the erotic art she was producing.  We'll look at some of these heterosexual images another time.

 Power Struggle (1967)

Dodson has worked in many different media and styles in the last thirty five years or so of her erotic art but in nearly all of her images there is a tenderness that speaks to real erotic connection rather than soulless pornography.

 Two women (1962)

Some of these pictures have an old master feel to them and were produced for their own sake while some were produced as illustrations.

Two women sharing the same vibrator (1986)

Two women (1986)

These two come from Dodson's book Sex for One: The Joy of Self-loving which is a rather curious mix of self-help guide and racy autobiography.

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