Thursday, January 3, 2013

Les Deux Amies by Louis-Jean-François Lagrenée

We recently posted a nicely sensual painting by the French painter Louis-Jean-François Lagrenée.  Here, however, is something which is much more blatantly erotic.

The Two Friends depicts two women lying in bed their legs arranged in the scissors position of tribades.  In  fact, our friend S from Vancouver says that this position is now not approved of by lesbian fundamentalists who argue that it is a position borne of male fantasy.  If so, it is an old fantasy as there are many pictures depicting women in this position in the past centuries.

The blonde sprawls in ecstasy, legs spread, while the brunette strokes her arm with her toes.  Lagrenée's couple are not actually depicted in the act but the position is hugely suggestive and the hint of the blonde's pubic hair shows that this picture, which is unlike anything else in Lagrenée's oeuvre, was painted either for himself or, more likely, a private collector.  

It was sold to another private collector at Christies in 1997 for $115,000; more than twice the estimate.