Thursday, October 4, 2012

Lovers by Jean-François Millet.

 Pair of lovers

In some ways it is something of a surprise to discover that the French realist painter Jean-François Millet (1814-1874) produced erotic works.  His pictures of peasants toiling in the landscape are far from the passion exhibited in the two drawings here but then again if he saw sex as a natural part, and perhaps a brief escape from, the hard life of the peasant (such as his parents) then perhaps it is not such a surprise after all.  The pencil drawing above, which is the the collection of the Museum of Fine Arts in Budapest, is a passionate depiction of rear entry sex, which may be designed to echo the ways of the animals in the fields over which Millet walked, collecting material for his paintings.  The girl has a wonderfully ecstatic expression and her arm disappears between her legs, surely reaching for her lover's member.

Nymph and satyr

This is another pencil drawing showing a nymph performing fellatio on a goat legged satyr or even, as some would have it, the devil.  One of Millet's friends was Honoré Daumier whose ability to draw figures was much admired by Millet who copied his approach to figure work.  Daumier produced his own erotic works and it would be interesting to know if the two artists shared their erotic works with each other.

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  1. Wonderful--especially the first one.