Thursday, September 27, 2012

Lesbian lovers by Fameni

The fourth most visited post on this blog is two women enjoying tribadism (above), a lovely watercolour by an artist we didn't know until someone kindly left a comment saying that the artist was Fameni.  We have subsequently discovered that he produced at least one more painting of women indulging in tribadism which is this energetic display below.

It turns out that, not atypically for erotic artists, we know virtually nothing about this artist other than the fact he (we assume it's a he) may have been born in either 1885 or 1888.  One other thing is that he may have illustrated an edition of the Marquis de Sade under the pseudonym Leporini.  We can assume from the two names used that perhaps he was Italian but even that is not necessarily a safe assumption.

Much of his erotic art features groups rather than couples with other regular themes relating to younger girls and rape; some of which is quite nasty.  He does not seem to have indulged in the spanking and whipping pictures so popular in the first third of the twentieth century.  In this picture a woman is being serviced by a much younger girl (these turn up quite a lot in his pictures) whilst their friend spots that they are not alone.  

His lesbian output is meager but quite effective.  To what extent these pictures are illustrations to stories rather than stand alone works we also don't know, but many are particular enough to look like illustrations.

Of all the new ones we have discovered we particularly like this simple, pen and ink soixante-neuf drawing.  He has captured the curve of the women's legs (particularly their thighs) very well, we think.  More from Fameni another day.

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