Monday, August 27, 2012

Easy Riders by Earl Miller

After his somewhat disappointing couples pictorial Auto Erotic in April 1976, Earl Miller returned to the pages of Penthouse with a return to form the following month.  Appearing in the May 1976 edition Easy Riders also appeared, in an edited form, in Volume 11 Number 3 (June 1976) in the UK edition.

This was Miller's third couples pictorial in a row for Penthouse and after the rather lukewarm Auto Erotic he manages a more convincing relationship between his two models in this one, recapturing some of the passion of The Duel but with more of the atmosphere of Jeff Dunas' Love in the Afternoon with its convincing couple.

The text accompanying the pictorial makes no mention of either model's names, whether real or fictional, and instead rambles on in a rather women's romantic novel style: "There is a certain magic in a silence shared with someone close...The way she looks - the secret, subtle things you notice again, as if for the first time."  Quite.

The romantic atmosphere is mirrored in the early photographs in the set, as exemplified with this telephoto shot of the couple kissing on horseback. Agent Triple P notes the classic doughnut highlight (or bokeh ) of a catadioptric lense in this one, indicating it was probably taken from some distance.

These intitial photos are all shot outside using late evening light, producing a nice, warm colouring to these pictures.

Here we get our first look at the girl's literally outstanding nipples which her young man enticingly frames with his fingers in the shot below.

These two are the first pair of blondes to have appeared in a Penthouse couples set, although, as we can see from this picture, the young lady is certainly not a natural blonde.  Such explicit pussy stroking by the man was still unusual and this was really only the second such example in a couples pictorial.

For the rest of the pictorial we move inside to a room with a view, where our couple are soon entwined on the floor.  Agent Triple P didn't have proper sex until he went to university (although there had been some other lesser activities before then) where he found himself very constrained by the small single beds in college.  Indeed, at one of the women only colleges if the girl had a male visitor in her room in the evening then the mattress had to be put into the corridor outside, on the basis that it would prevent any untoward activity.  It didn't work, of course and this,coupled with the small beds, led to Triple P's predilection for floor level activity, rather than being confined to a bed.

This shot gives us a very explicit view of the lady's rear end and it was, in fact, the first time that the woman had displayed her labia in a boy/girl pictorial in the magazine.

Here she is flashing her, really rather prominent, bits again as they cuddle up on a chair.

Faux cunnilingus follows and this nicely composed and sensual photograph was the last picture in the UK edition of the magazine.

This faux fellatio shot didn't appear in the UK issue, however, which was two pages shorter than the American edition.  Neither did this shot (below) where the combination of testicle caressing and prominently displayed labia would probably have been too much for the UK edition.  What really made it the raciest couples shot in Penthouse so far, however, was the man having the tip of his finger on the girl's anus.  Far too naughty for Britain, especially as there had only been one glimpse of anus in the magazine so far.

So, a much more sensual pictorial by Miller this time, with added explicitness compared with previous equivalent pictorials.  For the first time there was another couples pictorial in the same issue but this featured only Penthouse's third threesome pictorial which we will examine another time.