Sunday, July 15, 2012

Girl/girl photographs by Didier Carré

Didier Carré is a French photographer who specialises in explicit art photographs of women.  There are many, many photographers producing black and white "art" shots of naked young ladies but Carré differentiates his by taking fashion model-quality women and photographing them in late nineties Penthouse-type poses.

Carré studied classics and photography and then did his national service in the French navy, working as a photographer.  He then got a job as assistant to the official photographer of the French National opera.  Carré opened a black and white photographic laboratory in 1991 and immersed himself in the science and art of black and white photographic printing.

In 1998 he started photographing naked women in his particularly frank and reveling style.  He published his first book of photoraphs, Stainless Ladies in 2005. "I always work with the complicity of my models to get them to express a tasty mix of indecency and insolence," he said.

Carré uses natural light or, at most, one lamp to light his subjects, giving his studio shots a distuinctive shadowed look.  His fresh-faced girls are often photographed in paired pictures as a portrait and then in a more overtly sexual pose.  No doubt, Carré, being French, would say that it says something about the hidden, latent sexuality lurking within every woman which is not immediately apparent.  Or maybe it's nothing more complex than the joy of getting attractive women to spread their legs and display their cunts.

Most of Carré's women are photographed solo and we shall put some up on our Venus Observations site, shortly. We have already posted one of his pictures there, although at the time we didn't know the photographer.

He does occasionally produce girl/girl images and we include a few here.  Apart from the top one these pictures are all from one series of two ladies called Eva and Nikky, although which one is which is anyone's guess.  Both are exceptionally lovely, however.


  1. Great blogs Agent PPP. Eva is Eve Angel. Often seen g/g -ing with fellow Hungarian Sandra Shine.

  2. Ah! Thanks very much for that! Is she the dark haired one or the blonde? I'm not so up on the more recent girls, although I did meet Sandra Shine in a bar in Budapest once. She was downing a lot of tequila, called herself Judith and was upset because her visa application to work in the US had been turned down. Someone told me who she was afterwards and when I looked her up I recognised her from Penthouse. Lovely girl she was...

  3. As a fervent admirer of female beauty, I must declare I am seduced by the way you understand to approach it :). Congrats, it's a pleasure.

  4. Lucky you. Worth searching for pics of Sandra (Judith Devine in PH 2001) & Eve. Eve Angel is the brunette - with something of a Spanish look.

  5. Eve Angel is the dark haired one. her face is the thing that keeps me coming back to look at her "body of work".
    certainly that body is worth repeat viewings, as well. but her face and ease in front of the still image camera is what makes her "fashion- model quality"
    she has done a goodly number of videos as well. Primarily Girl -girl scenes. several of these are from viv thomas and have a more delicate touch than is the norm in the porn vid biz.

  6. The glass dildos, fetish elements and detached, slightly clinical style rather put me in mind of Andrew Blake. BTW your Sandra Shine anecdote reminds me I must revisit 'Butterfly' sometime soon...

  7. I love this work.

    Thks for you house of images.