Sunday, May 27, 2012

A little light discipline: photographs by Jan Saudek

The second post on our Venus Observations blog featured some of the striking (!) work of Czech photographer Jan Saudek .  Saudek's work channels the style of Victorian erotic photography from the mid nineteenth century, when images were often hand tinted.  Here are a couple of SM pictures we have found.  The top is similar to some of the post Great War spanking photographs which became very popular indeed for the next decade or so,

In this one, which appears to feature a violin teacher, the young lady obviously hasn't been practising her scales and needs a reminder of the importance of application.  The application of the bow may, no doubt, ensure this.

These pictures are for our particular friend Sofe, who has requested more of such pictures.  

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  1. I like Jan Saudek but i didn't know these pictures. Very beautiful and interesting !