Friday, May 18, 2012

Couples by Eugene Reunier

Having posted a few of German artist Eugene Reuinier's lesbian pictures we though we would put some of his male/female ones up.  We begin with this really rather splendid seated reverse cowgirl picture.  As usual, the participants seem to be really enjoying themselves!

This ready for action young lady seems to be trying to get  her companion either into bed or back into bed.  He doesn't seem at all sure!

A little mild  group debauchery here as a man dressed as a Pierrot pours his Champagne over  a young ladies bottom and straight into the mouth of the happy looking gentleman who is, literally, under the table.

Another Pierrot is entertained by a lady happily astride his shin while little babies ride flying cocks (a common motif for Reunier).

A third Pierrot is ridden by a happy young woman in front of an excited cockatoo (appropriately).

Another girl on top, ecstatically sitting on her friend's face while keeping him occupied at the same time.  Her expression is wonderful in this one!

Something a bit more unconventional in this picture as a man appears to be experimenting on the woman, although she doesn't look at all uncomfortable with the procedure.

This poor chap, using balloons as Viagra, is lamenting his loss of youth to his amused companion.

Foursome fun in this one, also featuring carnival costumes and a nicely composed group in action.

Finally, we have a couple of illustrations with an S&M theme.  This young lady, as the caption states, is "always ready", no doubt for the incredibly louche looking gentleman paying her a visit.  It looks like she is looking forward to it, though.

This chap is receiving vigorous encouragement in his endeavors.  No slacking allowed here!

Reunier's pictures manage the difficult combination of being erotic, amusing and character driven.  Finally, we will feature some of his solo women over on Venus observations over the weekend.

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  1. A real discovery : men seem ridiculous, and women easygoing ! I like it. Thanks !