Monday, May 21, 2012

Chryséis, Danseuse Etrusque: illustrations by Andre Provot

We haven't featured many pictures from the nineteen forties so here are some lesbian-themed drawings by French artist Andre Provot.

We haven't been able to discover much about him except that he was born in 1899 and died in 1985.

These top four pictures were produced as separate prints to accompany the publication of an edition of the erotic novel Chryséis, Danseuse Etrusque by Lucien Aressy.

The book was published in 1945 in an edition of 420 copies.

The prints accompanying the book (top four pictures) were more explicit than those in the book itself (bottom five pictures).

 Provot's sinuous lines are ideally suited to depict the lithe Etruscan dancer and her companions and their somewhat primitive style suits a story set in ancient times.