Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Assertive lesbians by Eugene Reunier

Here are a few pictures of some nicely assertive young ladies by Eugene Reuiner.  We have posted a couple of pictures by Reunier before: one of some harem girls and one in our first enema art post.  Despite his French name, Reunier was actully a pseudonym for German artist Carl Breuer-Courth (1884-1960).  He produced these erotic work in the nineteen twenties before switching to photography at the end of that decade.  Other than that we have been unable to find anything else out about him but his pictures speak for themselves.   

He brought a great deal of joie de vivre (or whatever the German equivalent is) to his pictures and his figures are always obviously really enjoying themselves as is apparent by the delightful expression of the young lady in the picture above, being ministered to by her enticingly be-stockinged friend.

We would imagine that some of these illustrations are from stories and it would be interesting to find out what the subjects of these are.  This illustration is typically characterful.  The maid appears to be revealing her mistress, in a voila sort of moment, to her guests.  The expressions on these ladies faces are marvellous!

Another maid is in evidence in this picture, looking on in amusement as her mistress (we assume) gives her young friend a good thrashing.  Again, the expressions on their faces are priceless!  There is a title on this one but I cannot read it, unfortunately.

In the twenties erotic pictures (whether illustrations of photographs) often featured spanking scenes and Reunier produced many of these.  The one above demonstrates why illustrations were superior to photos for these.  The sense of movement in the girl on the right's cane and hair is palpable.

Finally, we have this almost balletic composition, as the lady prepares to strike with her riding whip despite the tender attention of her friend.

More Reunier soon.

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