Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Kissing Venuses: 2

Last night we returned home, rather earlier than we had intended, to find an email from our particular friend S, who is currently lounging around in a luxury hotel in Fiji.  "We want more kissing Venuses!" she declared, having herself found another young lady to kiss on her holiday (except she is always on holiday, having retired in her thirties as a result of making a lot of money on a property deal).

Originally we posted a picture, which we had quite forgotten about, on our Venus Observations blog.  Obviously we intended it to be the first in a series but, perhaps, the starting of our Seduction of Venus Blog made us forget all about it.  Venus Observations, of course, is for solo ladies whilst this blog is for pictures of them interacting with other men and women (and, indeed, swans).

Now, putting together these blog entries is quite time consuming, given the amount of research and picture formatting that needs to be done.  Many other blogs featuring pictures of undressed young ladies confine themselves to pictures alone and, indeed, we had intended to do something similar for this blog.  Unfortunately, our urge to write overcame this estimable aim meaning that we don't feel able to just bung some pictures up and call it a post. Therefore, our posting rate is not what it should be but posts such as this, which are about the images themselves rather than any analysis or history, are quicker to produce.

We are always keen to respond to our reader's suggestions so more kissing Venuses there will be. We don't use the "Venus" appellation on this blog but as this is a transferred series (if you can call one post a series) we will retain the title here even if it is somewhat stylistically inconsistent.

We sought to quickly find a picture or two for a second post so had a quick look through our collection of scanned mens' magazine pictorials. Much to our surprise we discovered that the depiction of actual kissing in magazine girl/girl sets is comparatively rare.  Mostly the girls are depicted sticking their tongues out at each other or, perhaps, one may place her tongue into the other's mouth but the lips do not make contact.

Now there may be several reasons for this. Most women (despite what mens' magazines suggest) are not lesbians so there is no reason to believe that nude models would be more likely to be sapphic in any higher proportion to the general population.  Yet, since the popularisation of girl/girl sets by Penthouse in the nineteen seventies these have become a staple of erotica, for reasons of obvious appeal.  These days the girls are expected to do a lot more than kiss and yet there seem to be far more nipple sucking or pussy licking pictures than kissing ones. Is it that proper kissing is, for the model, more intimate than tongue/genital contact?

Our second thought is that perhaps proper kissing causes smudged lipstick and, hence, time consuming makeup correction issues. Or is it perhaps, that the act of kissing distorts the appearance of the mouth to such an extent that there are more unusable photos. Who knows?

Anyway, here are some fine kissing pictures from a nice set taken comparatively recently. We think we were sent these by another of S's sapphic Canadian friends but we are not certain. They appear to have been in our collection for around five years.

As will always be the case with this series we will only be showing the kissing pictures from any particular set.  Mwah! mwah!


  1. I think kissing Venuses are far more of a turn-on than when they're going down on one another, etc. It's definitely more intimate and soulful.

  2. Exactly! This is because this is what real girls do when they're in love whereas lots of the other stuff is just designed to be visually exciting to men.

  3. That said, I'd love to see more pictures from this particular series (if there are any) ...