Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Harem Scene by Eugene Reunier

This drawing from the nineteen twenties is by Eugene Reunier whose French-sounding name was actually a pseudonym for the German artist Carl Breuer-Courth (1884-1960).

Reunier produced a lot of charming erotic works in the twenties some of them with fantastical elements and we will look at these another time.  Reunier also worked as a photographer towards the end of the twenties.

His harem is packed with enticing ladies of disparate body shapes largely piled up together in an Ingres type heap.  We like the girl on the left tickling her master into action with a peacock feather!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Spanking lesbians by Herric

We recently looked at some of the delightful illustrations by French illustrator Chéri Hérouard over on our Venus Observations site here and here.  Herourd, under his nom de plume of Herric, also produced some more overtly erotic works.

None of them are explicit but they did go a little further than his saucy pictures for La Vie Parisienne.

Many of them feature lesbians (or tribades as they would have been known) who, in Paris at least, had very much come out of the closet following the Great War and indeed had almost become fashionable as a way to express women's new post-war increasing independence.

Most lesbian erotica was, of course, aimed at men rather than women but that is not to say that the readers of tribade friendly magazines like Garconne would not have enjoed Herric's pictures.

Although he produced some conventional girl/girl pictures Herric really favoured sado-masochistic subjects.

Spanking pictures were a favourite amongst those who produced "artistic" photographic postcards in Paris at this time and, indeed earlier and we will feature some of these another time.

Given the then technical limits of photography and its ability to capture movement there was a distinct advantage to the illustrator in being able to portray movement and the idea of swishing twigs or flailing whips.

Soon we will have some boy/girl S&M from Herric.