Monday, May 23, 2011

Three in Love by Stan Malinowski

Just two months after Penthouse's first threesome pictorial, Bawdy Bathers, they presented another one for the February 1975 issue.

This one was weighted in favour of the distaff side, however and was a girl/girl/boy rather than a girl/boy/boy like Bawdy Bathers had been.

Stan Malinowski shoots for Playboy in Mexico 1982

Taking the photographic duties for this one was Stan Malinowski on his first couples pictorial and only his third pictorial for Penthouse

Malinowski had previously worked for Playboy and his work for Penthouse (and with the Penthouse pulished Viva magazine where he worked with Anna Wintour - later editor of Vogue) led to him winning an assignment for Vogue which led, in turn, to a successful mainstream fashion career.  Unlike some other Penthouse and Playboy photographers who have gone on to the mainstream, Malinowski has never tried to hide the fact he worked for them.  Good for him!

His first two pictorials of non-Pet of the Month models were in October 1974 (Karen Dermer) and November 1974 (Jane Sommers).

He hadn't shot a Pet of the Month yet and wouldn't until Victoria Lynn Johnson in August 1976.  He would then shoot regularly for Penthouse until 1982 when he went back to Playboy.

Considering the bright, crystal clear fashion photographs he would become known for this is quite a murky pictorial.

There is some implied oral in this photograph which led to this picture and the one above being left out when the pictorial appeared in the UK edition a year later.

There is no story to this pictorial; just a typically pretentious quote from George Bernard Shaw at the beginning of the accompanying text and something about the fact that the threesome is getting more popular.

Like Bawdy Bathers, this pictorial has no photographs of the models wearing clothes at any point.  The only two couples pictorials to date that eschewed the sensual mutual striptease approach.  Bawdy Bathers being set in a bathroom could justify this but we feel that this particular pictorial could have done with a bit of tease.

So, we have to say, not an entirely effective or particularly stimulating effort from Mr Malinowski in this case.  The next couples pictorial Penthouse would publish (after Rites of Spring which we have already seen) three months after this would be rather more successful we think.  But that is for another day.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Secrets of the harem by Leone Frollo

Secrets of the Harem (1985)

Here is another harem scene this time by Italian comic book artist Leone Frollo (1931-).  Born in Venice he was seventeen when his first work, a western, was published.  He worked for Fleetway magazines in London from 1958 until 1968.  His erotic work was largely done from around 1970 until the nineties. 

Flappers (1985)

Much of his erotic work has a nice period feel to it and he works largely in watercolour and pastels which gives a pale delicacy to his pictures.

In fact they are so delicate that when we first saw them we thought the artist must be a woman.

His most recent comic, Mona Street, was set in the first decade of the Twentieth Century giving him full reign for lots of satin and stockings.

Finally, we have a lone young lady who nicely mixes a touch of the harem with something more Western.  Maybe she is thinking about what the two ladies at the top of the post are up to!