Saturday, February 5, 2011

Ready for bed

We like this anonymous French etching of a pyjama clad gentleman and his glowingly naked young lady.  She is all abandoned, with her long flowing hair and naughtily questing hand, whereas he looks like he can't believe his luck.  Somehow we don't think that they are husband and wife!

Pyjamas (or pajamas) were originally lightweight trousers worn in South Asia (from the Persian word peyjama meaning "foot garment").  The word and the garment first came to Britain from our Imperial colonies in the region in about 1870.

Triple P stopped wearing pyjamas when he went to university, where he quickly hooked up with  a lovely young redhead who he had met at interview some nine months before.  She liked Triple P not to wear anything at bedtime and we preferred her the same way.  It is amusing to see, in Triple P's current favourite TV show, Mad Men, the couples wearing pyjamas and nightdresses.  We forget, in our temperature controlled  way, how people used to dress up for bed and, indeed sex, until really quite recently.

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