Friday, February 4, 2011

The Initiation by Bob Veze

We have had a request for this pictorial from Gallery magazine from May 1976 photographed by Bob Veze and as it fits our current girl/girl thread, here it is.

Gallery had been launched as a Playboy clone and copied just about everything from Hefner's magazine from the style of the cartoons to the layout of the words on the centrefold.  However, by 1976 they had got dragged into the pubic wars as well and started to ape Penthouse rather more than Playboy.  That meant bolder genital shots and girl/girl pictorials.

This pictorial featured a title page and then four double page spreads with smaller pictures inserted; a style, we have to say, that we not only don't like for aesthetic reasons (it really is a bit over-designed in that mid seventies cod art deco style) but because it is a pig to scan!

The story behind this is that new girls arriving at the particular college have to be initiated sexually by one of their sorority sisters in front of a male student.  The male student isn't shown in the pictorial but girl/girl pictorials were still relatively new in magazines at this time and they were all very concerned to indicate that these girls weren't lesbians. They didn't want to alienate their male readers!

Although there is a bit of kissing, oral nipple contact and pussy flashing here it's not that naughty really and is about at the same level as Penthouse and Genesis from this period.  That is, until the final spread where one young lady has her face right in the other's groin which was naughtier than anything Penthouse had done.  Photographer Bob Veze adopts the Penthouse style of floaty, romantic attire and natural light but not the soft-focus.

Bob Veze studied painting and graphic design at Kent State University, Ohio, and then studied film at the University of Souther California.  He worked for a number of advertising agencies doing photography and graphic design including a stint as graphics consultant for Caesar's Palace, Las Vegas.

From another girl/girl set for the short-lived Male magazine in July 1979

He started shooting glamour photographs, in tandem with his other work, in 1975 and worked for Gallery, Chic, Hustler, Genesis, Swank, Club and Penthouse over the next 25 years.

Temptress (aka Nita S Harbaugh) photographed by Vese in 1989

From 1981 until 1986 he produced and directed dozens of films for Electric Blue which was the highest rated programme on the Playboy Channel, although most of the content was originated in the UK where it was produced by the Paul Raymond organisation.

Naughty sailor girl for Hustler, January 1978

So, we like the photographs in The Initiation but the pictorial is rather ruined by the over fussy graphics and the annoying picture in picture effect.


  1. Yes, the picture-in-picture thing makes it too busy. Otherwise, it's quite inspiring.

  2. Didn't Bob Veze pass away in 2008?