Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Fun with his secretary

Here, from the mid thirties are some pictures from one of the French postcard sets produced at the time, probably by the Ostra Studio which was an offshoot of Studio Biederer.  Jacques and Charles Biederer were Czech brothers who moved to Paris in 1908 and 1913 respectively.  During the Twenties they became particularly well known for producing fetish erotica which often involved spanking.  Their Ostra studio, which was set up in the thirties produced softer material as well.  We will look at their fetish photographs another time.

Some postcards were just that, designed to be sent through the mail, others such as these, were plain on the back and were for collectors only.

Again, we are presented with a scenario where the man remains fully clothed whilst the woman has some of her clothes removed.

The idea of the sexy secretary is an erotic archetype with the young lady always happy to please her boss in any way.  This engenders all sorts of uncomfortable thoughts, however, about the nature of mens' power over women (which may be part of their appeal to both sexes) in such a relationship.

This particular relationship has resonance for Triple P as, over the years, he has had several "inappropriate" liaison's with women who worked for him in this capacity.  In our defence we have to say that in no case did we ever initiate anything but we were always conscious of the delicate nature of the relationship because of the inequality of the working roles and the dangers of either perceived pressure or favouritism.  We were very lucky that none of these liaison's ended badly!


The illicit nature of such a relationship provides much of the attraction, of course!  This was particularly the case for J, an over-qualified graduate who was Triple P's personal assistant for some time.  Her prediliction for physical engagement actually in the office (her favourite was face down on the boardroom table) certainly seemed to get her excited and Triple P anxious.  "Hotels are boring!" she would opine.

Anyway, this particular lady seems happy with the attentions of her man, despite his rather ungentlemanly forward behaviour!

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