Friday, January 7, 2011

Two women on a bed by ME Philipp

Here is a nice, langourous little engraving by German artist Martin Erich Philipp.  Philipp was born in 1887 in Zwickau, in Saxony, which was also the birthplace of Robert Schumann, so Agent Triple P is writing this post to the accompaniment of his Symphony No. 3 “Rhenish” in E flat major, Op. 97; one of our very favourite Romantic symphonies.

Nude study

Philipp studied at the School of Applied Arts in Dresden from 1904 until 1908.  He then transferred to the Dresden Academy of Art where he studied until 1913.

Bookplate (1919)

He was most famous for his engravings and woodcuts and produced a number of mildly erotic bookplate designs as well as some other erotic illustrations.

Akt auf dem Diwan (1912)

He did produce some paintings but mainly specialised in coloured prints especially still life studies of flowers and some very fine Japanese-inspired prints of birds.  

Seated girl in stockings (1920)

The picture at the top of this post was produced just before the First World War, either while he was still at the Dresden Academy or shortly afterwards.  It captures the pre-war atmosphere of the Decadents in just a few beautifully executed lines.

Martin Erich Philipp

We will return to Philipp and look at some of his other erotic engravings and drawings another day.

The Vice (1914)

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