Friday, January 21, 2011

Pairing Off by Art Capone

Here is another girl/girl set from the UK edition of Penthouse which never appeared in the US edition.  Appearing in UK Volume 10 Number 2 from May 1975 it was a comparatively short pictorial at just five pages.

It's a very different set to the girl/girl ones which had appeared in the US edition so far in that it is shot entirely inside rather than having the girls wandering around in the woods. 

Its soft focus but not aggressively so.  This is the first girl/girl set in a bathroom!  The accompanying text is really a very short story, complete with dialogue, rather than the usual third person description of the girls.

The two girls, named as Kerry and Laura (one of these is a rather resonant name for Agent Triple P; the story involves a bath too!) are portrayed as flatmates with Laura pursuing contact with an initially unwilling Kerry.

Overlapping images like this were common in the UK mens' magazines at the time, such as Men Only and Club International, but were not in US Penthouse.

The text shows Laura, inevitably, getting her way. Kerry shivered.  "I thought after it happened the last time we decided we wouldn't again?"  Laura was pressing her fingers into Kerry's bottom and trying to bend her legs and force the dark triangle of dark curly hair onto her mouth and her tongue.

In the non-bathroom shots we get a very early example of a Penthouse girl wearing stockings and suspenders; possibly the first ever.

This shot is the very first example, too, of one of the girls actually touching the other's pubic hair.  Again, this set may have been deemed a bit strong for the US market at the time.  They had shown a man touching a girl's groin the previous year but, as we have seen before, they seemed to be a bit more circumspect in their girl/girl sets in the early seventies.

Art Capone, the photographer, sounds like a nom de plume but he is credited as having shot a few pictorials for Knave magazine in the mid seventies too. 

This set, with its bestockinged girls, less extreme soft focus and brighter lighting looks forward to the Penthouse approach in the late seventies and early eighties.

None of the previous Penthouse girl/girl sets had given us quite such an aggressive spread thigh shot  as this one. 

Sadly, we can't find out any information on the photographer or the models but we like this pictorial which is very much a forerunner of things to come.

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