Sunday, November 7, 2010

Lesbian illustrations by Serpieri

Another comic book artist today but this time an Italian one.  Paolo Eleuteri Serpieri was born in Venice in 1944 and attended the Fine Art Academy in Rome.  He didn't shift from fine art to comic books until 1975.  From this time he worked on a number of comc strips, mainly featuring settings in the Old West. 

Self-portrait of Serpieri with, a rather more well dressed than usual, Druuna

It wasn't until  a decade later that he published the first volume of his erotic science fiction comic strip which became known as the Druuna saga after its heroine.  The success of this, which has sold over a million copies and been translated into a dozen languages, led him to produce other books focussing on the art of the series.

Serpieri's women are very over-ripe in that comic book girl way.  He certainly enjoys drawing a well padded posterior!   His draftsmanship is superb and his cross-hatched line shading (you can tell he was classically trained) is extremely good at suggesting form.

His erotic illustrations for Druuna mostly involve the eponymous heroine having oral sex or getting penetrated (usually from behind).  His earlier Druuna books were heavily censored in the US (but not in Europe), although latterly his work has become less explicit.  It would be a shame if he felt he had to bow down, for commercial reasons, to pressure from his US publishers.

Most of his sex scenes are hetereosexual but we have found these few girl/girl pictures which demonstrate his distinctive style.  His man/woman material, which is engagingly filthy, is more successful we feel and we will look at these another time.

As a pen and ink artist, primarily, Agent Triple P admires his ability to render form.  Indeed, we would argue that he is probably one of the the best draftsman amongst erotic artists ever.  


  1. Gods, I love the last one. Fantastic.

  2. WOW continue to use your talent as you please. Excellent