Saturday, November 6, 2010

Girl/girl pictures by Ashley Wood

Ashley Wood (1971-) is an Australian comic book artist who has worked for both UK and American comic publishers.  He has also has worked in the video games world.

Rather more than just a comic book artist; he has a much looser style than most and much of his work is closer to Viennese Expressionism than the traditional comic book approach.   He has exhibited at fine art, rather than just comic art, shows.  Interestingly, the top picture works equally well if rotated to the left 90 degrees and it may be one of those examples where the artist drew it one way and then decided he liked it better the other way.  It certainly gives what could have been rather a conventional composition a lot more energy.

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  1. Yeah, the top pics works excellently the way it is, as opposed to the possibility of it originating on its side.