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Hustler Fantasy No 5 with Jamie Gillis and Serena December 1979

Our particular friend S, from Vancouver, has told us off for not posting a pictorial here for some time and said that as it was Valentine's weekend Triple P had to "do something about it".  She also said that I needed to post another magazine pictorial and that it needed to be "raunchy"!

Now I need to post another in my chronological series of Penthouse pictorials but, for various reasons, we do not have physical access to the appropriate magazines at present (something we intend to rectify this week) so while looking through what we could get at, we found our box of Hustler magazines from the seventies.  That certainly qualifies as raunchy we thought, flicking through them for inspiration.  Then we found the perfect set, considering Fifty Shades of Grey has just opened, from the December 1979 issue

S hasn't seen the film yet (Part of it was shot in Vancouver, inevitably) but suspects that it "won't be sexy enough".  Indeed, although it has been given an 18 rating in Britain (no one under the 18 allowed into the cinema) in Canada it has been given an 18A (meaning minors can see it if accompanied by an adult).  Because of this, one cinema in British Columbia says it won't be showing the film, according to S,  as minors can legally get in.  The 18 in Britain will be because of the S&M element as the UK censors don't like sexualised violence at all.  In France it has received a 12 certificate, meaning it must be very anodyne! 

Anyway we found this interesting S&M pictorial featuring Jamie Gillis and his then girlfriend, Serena, going through the motions most enthusiastically for Suze Randall.  It, at least, deals with the objections about the film (and the book) of some in that it has the woman giving it out as well as taking it.

Indeed, in these initial pictures from the magazine itself, it is very much the woman in control in most of the photographs.  This is something of a wince making shot, if you are a man anyway.  The heels on those boots look potentially very painful!

Notable for the time was the level of arousal Mr Gillis was displaying, following a period of the softer option in Hustler.  No messing around for the formidable Miss Randall!

Only in this, the final two page spread from the magazine, does Mr Gillis seem to be taking control. Perhaps Serena feels less empowered without her striking high-heeled boots!

Anyway, we also have some outtakes, which are rather more extreme, on the fetish front, than the pictures that appeared in the magazine.  Fetish-themed shoots were still very unusual in men's magazines at the time and for many readers these shots would have been the first glimpse into an unknown world.

Indeed, the genesis behind this pictorial was, according to Hustler,  because of the number of requests the magazine was receiving asking for information on S&M (or BDSM, as it is less elegantly known these days) and, in particular, where to buy the clothes and equipment.  We have to say that Serena's ensemble in this is indeed very, er, very striking.

The pictorial showcase the products sold in a shop called The Pleasure Chest on Santa Monica Boulevard. Founded in 1971 in New York and originally catering to the gay community, by the end of the seventies The Pleasure Chest became the first sex shop to create a boutique atmosphere and target couples. Nearly forty five years later the business is still going and still has a store on Santa Monica Boulevard.  

Indeed, Agent Triple P was invited to go and visit the place by a young lady he picked up in the bar of a hotel in Beverly Hills.  Actually, she picked him up as she was attracted by his accent, she said, (that and the fact, no doubt, that we were dropping a lot of money on Champagne).  

A brief affair followed, conducted during two successive visits to Los Angeles, about six weeks apart.  The ropes appeared on the second visit, much to our concern, although, fortunately she behaved impeccably, we parted on good terms and she still sends us Christmas greetings seven years later.  Oh, we never did get to The Pleasure Chest though!

The lady in question, who was a slight Chinese American, however, was interested in tying up Triple P.  This was a new experience, as our only previous experiences of this sort of behaviour had been of the lady wanting to be bound: something that went very much against Triple P's upbringing in a family dominated by strong professional women.

The first lady had to do some persuading on Triple P that she actually wanted to be tied up, eventually taking us into a curtain shop and buying red velvet curtain cords for the job.  She didn't want to be gagged, though and we cannot see the point of things like these ball gags.  We like our women to be vocal

Actually, to be fair, the lady wasn't the first who asked to be tied up.  There was one occasion when a girlfriend at university asked to be tied to our bed while we went in search of chocolate for her "to build the pleasurable anticipation".  Unfortunately, we got waylaid, as we have mentioned before, and said lady had relieved herself on our floor in the interim.  Fortunately, we didn't have a carpet but there were no tying up games with her after that. It took ages to mop up, given the nearest running water was on the floor below and the toilets were four floors below.   

In these shots, as we can see, Serena has dispensed with all of her fetish gear in place of rather conventional stockings which, from an artistic point of view, we think was a mistake.

One of the issues with some fetish photography we have seen, is the difficulty in getting any sense of motion in the whips, canes and what have you.  This often makes illustrations more effective than photographs in this area.  Randall does get some motion in the cat of nine tails in the bottom (!) shot however.

More high heel threatening here as we have Serena back in the full gear.  There is a lot of full-on anal display by Serena in this set.

In the final sequences Serena is very much in charge and Mr Gillis' excitement is patently obvious; something that makes the whole pictorial rather more authentic then some others in the magazine's recent history.

Now we do admit to having had some fun with riding whips but the more extreme forms of S&M are, on the whole, something of a mystery to Triple P.

We haven't read Fifty Shades of Grey because, apart from it being a women's book, we gather that it is rather turgid.  Fundamentally, too, we are suspicious of men who seem to think the imposition of pain and the exercise of control in a sexual relationship is anything that should be seen in a healthy sexual relationship.  It seems that in the book and the novel it is all in one direction.  Does the woman ever tie up the man?  The idea of the "weaker" sex taking control by force is, at least, more interesting as a concept.  

The idea of women only being fulfilled when they are dominated and beaten reminds us of a series of fantasy (in every meaning of the word) books about a planet called Gor, written by John Norman.  These started as a fairly harmless rip-off of the John Carter books by Edgar Rice Burroughs, where a man is transported to another world, where slave girls are prevalent.  By the later books, however, the stories became incredibly repetitive and tedious tales of earth women being brought to the planet and discovering a sexual satisfaction they had never known at home by being enslaved and abused.

Well, something about this has tapped into the fantasies of a lot of women, however, and the box office will be interesting on what has been a fairly critically panned film.  Most reviewers point out how the audiences for the film seem to be almost entirely women.  Interestingly, the only women I have met who enjoy being tied up and beaten are the strongest and most successful.  Does it say more about perceived weakness in men than submission in women?  Are you man enough to act like a man?  It is an intriguing discussion I will be exploring with some of my female friends over the next weeks, as I know several who are planning to see the film.

Interestingly, Britain's biggest hardware store, B&Q, sent a memo to all its staff, last week, telling them to be aware of the likelihood of enquiries about "rope, cable ties and tape".   It seems they were caught out by the demand when the book was released several years ago, so are making a copy of Fifty Shades of Grey available to the staff at each branch so they can deal "sensitively" with enquiries.   Given B&Q famously employ many more staff over fifty years old than most UK retailers this could be most interesting!  It could just be a cunning plan to sell more rope at a quiet time of year for the home improvement market, however!  Frankly, if this gets British people to be more sexually adventurous and open about different things in the bedroom, then this has got to be a good thing.  Although, no doubt, our increasingly puritannical press will throw up there hands in horror and we await the inevitable first school playground S&M story for them to be appalled at.

Anyway, this pictorial climaxes as it properly should, with Serena, still patently in charge, getting what she wants.  Lets hope many more couples around the world (apart from those countries where the film has been banned) have more sexy fun as a result, meaning that the film and the novel, however dreadul, have done something worthwhile.

Monday, December 22, 2014

More "incest" shock for the UK press.

Oh dear, more "incest" nonsense in the press yesterday over this picture of Chelsea Footballer Oscar dos Santos Emboaba Júnior (not surprisingly, just known as Oscar) who lives not far from Agent Triple P. The problem with this picture of the Brazilian star is that he is not only being kissed by his wife Ludmila (right) at the gym but also his sister and has his hand on both of their bottoms (according to the journalists or "back" according to everyone else).  Shock!  How can he touch his sister in such a way?  The press and other uptight internet commentators had a fit.  For heaven's sake!  He is South American!  They are much more touchy-feely than us repressed Brits and all the more better for it! 

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Chloe's Candle: Illustration by Brad Holland

We have featured the illustrations of American artist Brad Holland before here and here.  Today we have another of his sensuously erotic illustrations from the May 1980 issue of Playboy.  As ever, it's the (literal) little touches like the man's wandering fingers that make it so effective.

Anne Churchill, Countess of Sunderland by Sir Godfrey Kneller (1646-1723)

This illustration, from Playboy's Ribald Rhymes feature of traditional erotic stories, is from a poem from 1701 written by a member of the Kit-Kat Club in London.  A gentleman's club with strong political and literary associations.  The name probably came from the owner, Christopher (Kit) Catt, of the tavern in Shire Lane where the club first met.  Support for the politics of the Whig party (which eventually largely merged with the Liberals) was not the only thing that concerned them.  They also had a tradition of offering toasts at their dinners to famous beauties of the day, such as the four daughters of John Churchill, the First Duke of Marlborough: Lady Godolphin, Lady Sunderland, Lady Bridgewater, and Lady Monthermer.  Many of these women had been painted by Kit-Kat Club member Sir Godfrey Kneller, who also produced a series of portraits of the members.

Other members of the club included writers such as Sir Richard Steele, Matthew Prior, William Congreve, Sir John Vanbrugh (who as an architect designed the Duke of Marlborough's home, Blenheim Palace) and Joseph Addison. It is quite possible that one of these penned the poem Chloe's Candle.

The poem tells of a shepherd, Strephon, who discovers a large candle on his girlfriend, Chloe's, nightstand and picks it up to have a look at it.

But when more near this utensil he viewed,
Which as he held it like a truncheon shewed,
He soon discovered the fair wanton's crime,
For on its sides there hung a lucid slime,
Brown curling hair, which in the furious joy,
The Melting tallow plucked unfelt away,

Upset that Chloe was using the candle as a dildo he confronts her when she returns to her room and points out that the inanimate candle cannot possibly give the love, ardor and satisfaction that he can.

With that he seized her, panting, in his arms,
Greedy of tasting the forbidden charms,
Swift through the curling brake, his pintle drove,
To seek among dark shade the springs of love,
With ease he pierced the sacred gloomy shade,
Through the same passage which the candle made,

Chloe excited by being ravished by her lover

With arms and legs embraced the amorous swain,
Cried, Oh my dear!" then spent and died again.

Thus she feels ecstasies unknown before, 
Resolved to use the tallow tool no more,
And finding from a prick such true delight,
Leaves the dull taper to supply the night,
Thus he fucks on with many a vigorous thrust,
Blest by the nymph, though by the candle curst.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Blonde Electra sisters kiss on X-Factor. Puritans horrified!

Agent Triple P caught some of the X Factor final last night, in particular the part where the contestants who had been knocked out of the live stages came back to sing together for the one more time (as if the world actually wanted that).  At one point during the number the members of Blonde Electra, who were knocked out in the first week, locked lips for a kiss.  That'll cause a scandal, we thought, as it shows that they are all miming!

Indeed, today the press is full of outrage over the kiss but not because of the miming or even because they were both women (we remember the scandal when Russian lipstick "lesbian" group Tatu had their kiss on stage during Top of the Pops edited out a few years ago).  No, the cause of all the consternation is that Jazzy and Ruby King are sisters.  Ooh, er, missus, incest, howled the tabloids and online sites.

Now, we find all this ridiculous.  What we have here are two not very talented, not very attractive young women who are desperate to be famous.  Having blown their big chance because the viewing public found them really annoying (they have a British father but their upbringing and accents are American) they get one more chance to get in front of the cameras.  How do we stand out given the other dozens of singers on stage at the same time, they think?  They could have stripped off, of course, but it was a lot easier to have a little snog. Now, perhaps, Hugh Hefner might give them a call to pose for Playboy, although they don't actually really have the faces or the figures.  

So, a publicity stunt, yes, but incestuous? Now the subject of incest is a thorny one, of course.  In nearly all societies it is illegal and there are very few exceptions and these are usually related to rulers breeding with family members to keep a particular family in power, as in Ancient Egypt.  There is no suggestion that this was common among normal citizens at the time. The Azande people of Africa had a tradition where brother/sister incest was reported and the Thonga, it is said, had similar habits but these are very rare examples.  The reasons for the ban on incest is not just the very real risk of inbreeding but also about the use of inappropriate power to coerce, as in parent child relationships (which is why biological incest has been extended to people like step-parents in many countries).  In the United States the test is of consanguinity which measures the degree of blood relationship of two people.  Americans are often surprised to discover that sex and marriage between two first cousins, which is illegal in the US, is perfectly legal in the UK.  Indeed, Agent Triple P has a married aunt and uncle who are first cousins.  This indicates an element of social construct as regards the rules, therefore.

What is less clear is the definition of incest between same sex partners. Some countries explicitly do not define same sex relationships between family members as incest (Hong Kong).  In the UK the definition is about forbidding sexual intercourse, which has to be penetrative.  So, by that definition two brothers could be guilty of incest but two sisters couldn't be as they are not equipped with penises.  

So we find our fame hungry sisters not guilty of incest, apart from the fact that all they did was kiss, which is quite legal between any combination of people.  If they had got down on stage and started fingering each other then the uproar would have been justified.  It is really just another example of the new puritanism being fanned by the press as they look for things to be offended by?

Interestingly, Triple P does have some experience of sisters behaving rather more intimately than is usual.  When he was fifteen he went to a November 5th party (where British people set off fireworks and burn effigies of Catholics) and two very attractive sisters, aged fifteen and seventeen also attended. Triple P instantly hit it off with the fifteen year old and after too much homemade wine (lethal stuff) ended up dancing (badly) with said young lady,  We then retired to a dark part of our host's garden (it had a small wood  at the bottom) and indulged in our very first attempt at a snog.  We really had no idea what we were doing.  However, the older sister found us and, having been watching us, told her sister that we were both doing it all wrong.  She them demonstrated French kissing on her sister complete with bottom and neck caressing.  This we found hugely arousing, of course, but we were much more excited over the fact that they were women kissing each other than sisters kissing each other which, at the time, we didn't really think about, oddly.

One of our girlfriends has related how she learned, as a thirteen year old, to masturbate following a demonstration by her fifteen year old sister.  She said that they quite often masturbated together and, once or twice attempted to mutually engage in the activity.  This continued for a year until the older girl got her first boyfriend.  She has never been entirely clear about how far this activity went but they were certainly sexually close to a certain extent.  Both are now perfectly well adjusted women in their forties but their slightly more friendly than expected kisses (which we have observed) when greeting each other still generates a certain frisson.

So calm down Britain, one kiss between sisters looking for publicity (job done , girls) does not spell a society destroying outbreak of incest!

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Idylle d'été by Auguste Levêque

Idylle d'été (1918)

We have decided to stop our eighteenth century theme as it has been running now since August. So it is back to our usual eclectic selection for the next few months.  As an appropriate restful pause after our themed posts we have this superbly post-coital painting by Auguste Levêque.   The couple, totally comfortable in each other's nakedness, recline in an area of hay which has obviously been flattened by their previous passionate activity, and gaze at each other raptly.

Auguste Levêque (1866-1921) was a Belgian painter as well as a sculptor and poet.  He studied at the Académie Royale des Beaux-Arts which was founded in 1711.  Although a realist he was also influenced by the symbolist movement but many of his paintings were based on mythological subjects such as Circe and Diana.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Illustrations for Le Rideau levé ou l'Éducation de Laure by Jean-Adrien Mercier (1899-1995).

Here we have some illustrations by Jean-Adrien Mercier to Mirabeau's Le Rideau levé ou l'Éducation de Laure.  Mercier was an established and well known illustrator rather than a specialist in purely erotic fare.  This is one of four erotic books he provided the illustrations for.

Mirabeau's 1786 novel tells the story of Laure, who is educated sexually by her father.  Female protagonists were popular in French erotic novels of the time.  The process of her education is accelerated by her spying on her father and his mistress having sex on the other side of the curtain mentioned in the title; although it is a symbolic curtain as well.  Laure's libertine but structured sexual education is contrasted with her more outrageous cousins whose headlong plunge into depravity is offered as a salutary, and ultimately tragic, lesson.

Mercier was born in 1899 in the city of Angers in the Loire Valley.  He attended the l' École régionale des beaux-arts d'Angers and then l' École nationale supérieure des arts décoratifs in Paris.  After he left art school in 1923 he started his career by producing some book illustrations, working on woodblock prints which gave him a useful technical grounding for what would become his speciality, posters.

L'Homme a l'Hispano (1933)

The following year he won a competition to produce a poster for the Angers Trade fair and after that his new direction was set as he produced hundreds of posters including 150 for films; producing posters for top French directors like Jean Renoir and Abel Gance.

Cointreau advertisement 1937

Mercier's mother was the granddaughter of the founder of the Cointreau drinks company and the daughter of one of the Cointreau brothers who invented the orange flavoured liqueur itself in 1875.  Mercier produced many posters for the company until 1965.

In the late thirties and early forties he started producing illustrations for children's books.  He left Paris in 1940 and moved to Dinard on the coast. He stopped producing posters almost entirely. In 1961 he was asked to produce the decorations for the children's play area of the ocean liner SS France.  In the forties and fifties he worked on illustrations for a number of religious books.  He did his final book illustrations in 1993, two years before his death at the age of 97.

These illustrations were done for a limited edition of Mirabeau's novel produced in 1933.  Three hundred and fifty of the four hundred copies of the edition were seized by police and destroyed.