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Room in Rome: Natasha Yarovenko and Elena Anaya

Yesterday Triple P decided to watch a film that he has had in his pile (along with about a thousand others!) for some time.  Super-glossy lipstick lesbian movie Room in Rome (2010).  It's a favourite of our particular friend S, from Vancouver.   There has been a lot of fuss about Blue is the Warmest Colour lately but one area where Room in Rome trumped it was in particularly striking stills, from three scenes in the film, which appeared in publicity for it.

The most striking, of course, was the picture of the two stars in the bath; particularly as it was shifted to a vertical format for things such as the DVD cover where it no doubt helped shift a lot more copies than it would have done with a different photograph on the cover.

Indeed, these two US versions of the DVD (middle and bottom) just serve to demonstrate how much more striking the UK version of the cover is (top).

In the film the bath scene is shot with the bath horizontally across the screen, naturally, but as stills they work nuch better in the vertical format.

The next effective image is a still from a love scene under a shower (top).  The positioning of the actresses hands and arms really makes this shot.  In the scene we see their hands in action, as they mutually finger each other in what is the most intense love scene in the film; although it's not really explicit.

The third sequence of stills comes from a love scene in bed which, again, is passionate without being explicit.

The two beautiful actresses in this are, firstly, the Ukrainian born, but Barcelona based, actress Natasha Yarovenko.

Secondly, Spanish actress Elena Anaya, who is best know for her small part in Van Helsing (2004), as one of Dracula's brides but is an experienced actress who has regularly been appearing in films for nearly twenty years (she was 35 when Room in Rome came out -Yarovenko was 30).  She was also the heroine of the Justin Timberlake video for his song SexyBack, where she looks quite sensational.

Elena had already appeared in Room in Rome director Julio Médem's equally steamy Sex and Lucia (2004).

In 2011 a Spanish magazine published pictures of Anaya kissing a woman film director, Beatriz Sanchís, who she later admitted had been her girlfriend for three years, although they broke up last year.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The Lady and the Lusty Scamp by Jeff Dunas

The month after The Housebreakers, Jeff Dunas was back with another boy/girl Love Set in Penthouse.  This was only the second time that the magazine had had two successive boy/girl pictorials.

Appearing in the January 1977 issue there would be only three boy/girl pictorials in 1977 compared with four in 1976.  But then 1977 would see the most girl/girl pictorials; a record five.

This was undoubtedly the first Penthouse pictorial to feature a goat.  The story being that the heroine and her brother were taking their goat to an "animal healer" by water but after being caught in a current they were "rescued" by a "ruffian or outlaw" who, not surprisingly grabbed the girl and left the brother to float away.  From this picture it also appears that he took the goat on board too.  Perhaps to serve as a substitute if the girl jumped overboard. 

Anyway, this being one of Penthouse's big budget period pieces we have a full sized pirate ship as a location. This was shot, like many of the pictures in the pictorial in a mock through-a-telescope way.  Perhaps it's supposed to be the view the brother had of his poor sister as he floated away without even the goat to keep him company. 

Also, most unusually the pictorial has three out of eighteen pictures consisting of just the pirate, posing in a very dubious pink shirt.  Although it has to be said that pink did not become identified as particularly a "girls" colour until the late nineteenth century.  These shots would have been more at home in Penthouse's sister magazine for women, Viva.

Oddly, in some of the pictures the pirate is depicted with an eye patch, although for the most part this isn't seen again.  This is also the first Penthouse pictorial which depicts a scene of coercion as the girl is, at first, unwilling to succumb to the pirates advances.

The accompanying text for the pictorial (which was unusually long) was written in the first person from the girl's point of view.  "I became very furious and in a trembling voice, demanded to be immediately released.  The blackguard only grinned more broadly and plucked up my skirt with his sword..."

The girl's struggle continues as "I fought in vain, for the scamp paid not a whit of attention to my entreaties and answered only by roughly tearing off my clothes, forcing a goblet of potent liquid down my throat and, threatening to summon his entire crew to enjoy my favors."

So now we have physical assault, drugging and threats against the girl as well.  Whatever is in the drink seems to work pretty quickly, however, as she is soon indulging in some passionate kissing.

The rest of the pictorial moves away from the deck of the pirate ship down below to the pirate's cabin where he soon removes both her and his clothes.  The whole feature was shot in pretty diffuse soft-focus and its sometimes quite difficult to see what's going on in some of these pictures.

Without his bandana the pirate looks alarmingly like one of the Bee Gees.  Who knew that men had such big hair in days of yore?  Despite the Beverly Hills hairdresser vibe it doesn't mean that he can't enjoy the girls succulent breast and rear end though.

The girl is still demanding to be freed but "He roared with mirth and buried his head between my legs, licking me until I thought I would go mad with pleasure."  Or, more accurately, he actually kisses her leg where her thigh meets her bottom.  The shot looks more explicit than it is.

Again, the angles don't look quite right in the faux intercourse shots but the text makes up for it in lusty, bodice-ripper style:  "With a sardonic smile at my discomposed demeanor, he began slowly to pull my legs apart, trying to force his large, rock-hard organ inside of me.  As his thrusts began to hit home, I again thought I might faint; but the feeling passed, to be replaced by one of delicious ecstasy!"

The text concludes by revealing that the girl happily stays with the pirate and gives us this post-coital shot.  This was cut from the UK edition; probably because the girl's face was just that bit too close to the pirates organ.  Despite the male model boldly displaying his penis this couples pictorial is remarkable in that it was the only one where the female model doesn't show her pubic hair.

So, quite a successful period piece with, perhaps, too much soft focus, too much of the pirate on his own and not enough of the lovely girl, who actually doesn't appear at all in five out of the eighteen pictures.

Next up, from the following month's issue, we will have the first lesbian pictorial of the year in Penthouse's second ever three girl shoot by Ken Marcus.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Lesbian love by Julie Delcourt

 Time for a few more of the elegant watercolours by the mysterious Julie Delcourt.  On this occasion there is not an enema in sight; just a group of pictures of ladies enjoying each others charms.  Here we have just five pictures of women in Sapphic situations.  The first one has a lady delicately stroking the back of her friend's hand as she masturbates.  The way the artist has depicted their heads touching makes this a gently tender scene.

The second picture appears to be one of Delcourt's generation spanning ones; with a younger girl being penetrated by the finger of her elegant older friend who is affectionately nuzzling the soft skin between her thighs.  Delcourt was particularly good at expressions and here she conveys the younger woman's expression of both surprise (perhaps at a first experience) and abandonment.  Her fingers grip the table in ecstasy.

Although these women appear to be the same age the one on the left looks much more dominant as she thrusts her dildo into her girlfriend from behind.  The dildo appears to be held in place rather than a strap-on.  A riding whip lies, enticingly, on the table in the background and there seems little doubt that it will be the brunette wielding it.

The final two paintings are a pair, featuring the same protagonists.  In the first picture, the older woman gazes, hungrily, at the pert posterior of her younger friend, in a fine depiction of physical lust.   The pose of the girl on the right conveys innocence despite her bold display.  She has obviously not thought of the effect she is having on the woman on the right.

In the second painting we see the older woman carrying the object of her lust towards a bed.  In this picture it is patently a strap-on dildo, whose glans brushes the rear end of the younger girl.  It is quite clear that she is going to be ravished from behind.  The girl's expression is a mixture of trust and nervous anticipation.  The older woman just looks determined to get on with her conquest.  An excellent pair of erotic pictures! 

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The Housebreakers by Jeff Dunas

It's time for another in our chronological series of Penthouse "Love Sets" and we move on to The Housebreakers by Jeff Dunas.

Appearing in the last issue of 1976 it was the fifth boy/girl pictorial from 1976 which, given that there had only been six in the four years before this, shows how these types of pictorials were becoming a staple of the magazine.  

The text accompanying the pictorial was written in the first person in a (not very good) pastiche of a pulp detective novel.  Two guests at a garden party break into a house.  It was full of dreadful double entendres about exploring nooks and crannies and such like.

Anyway, the prototypically seventies man not only looks frighteningly like Borat but has execrable taste in clothes.   A brown shirt and a red kipper tie with a white suit is not  a good look but he is, according to the story, supposed to be a private detective.

It doesn't take him long to  reveals some big flares as well as the young lady's, really rather fine,  posterior.  

A couple of very tactile nipple tweaking shots follow and a very perky pair she has too.  She's a real beauty but we have no idea who she is.  She doesn't look like any Pet we recognise.

A couple of quite naughty for the time faux fellatio shots follow.  The one immediately above was obviously just too naughty for the UK edition as this picture was cut from the British issue.

The man takes his turn with some implied oral now while the girl flashes her tan lines.

Surprisingly this one did appear in the UK issue although the man's skin was darkened to make his penis leas obvious.

Can I touch my toes?  Why bother when I can touch this girl's bottom instead!

This is an athletic pose with an added frisson being provided by her hand disappearing between his legs.

It's nice to have a kissing picture; these pictorials didn't always have them by any means.

In these two it's quite clear where her hand is straying to even if we don't get to see it.

Although Penthouse had been getting their models to flash their bits for some years doing so in a couples pictorial was a very recent development and still unusual. 

A couple of good girl on top shots culminate with this balls caressing one.  Again, this photo didn't appear in the UK edition.

A contemplative post-coital shot concludes the pictorial and a cute look from our young lady.

An effective pictorial, this, and one where, unusually, we were able to put the pictures in some form of chronological order without the usual inconsistencies in clothing you usually get.

 We have just learned that the young lady posed under the name of Molly McReady  in the January 1976 issue of Men Only in the UK.

She was the centrefold girl in a pictorial by Fred Enke.  it's a shame she didn't do more work.

Next up Penthouse gets piratical with another period piece...