Thursday, July 2, 2015

Any Sport in a Storm (Trooper) by Earl Miller

In order to post Sea Song, to go with our al fresco sex theme of a month or so ago we jumped forward one pictorial from our chronological look at Penthouse "Love Sets".  

Time, therefore, to jump back one issue to the November 1977 magazine and plug the gap (so to speak).  The rather clumsily named Any Sport in a Storm (Trooper) was Penthouse's fifth group Love Set and the second period one after 1776.  This was Earl Miller's first attempt at a group set and like all but the first, Bawdy Bathers, depicted two women and one man.

Anyway, it's back to World War 2 for this one and a first person narrative by the German officer who has stopped off in a German aristocrat's schloss en route to Belgium and the 6th Panzer Division of General Dietrich.  It is typical of Penthouse's attention to detail that there was indeed a General  Dietrich, although he was in charge of the 6th Panzer Army.

Uta (with dark hair) and Marta (the blonde) were supposed to be cousins living in the schloss, all ready to entertain the officer as part of their contribution to the war effort.  The tiny nose and toothy smile of the blonde are immediately identifiable as porn star Serena who had a ten year career from the mid seventies to the mid eighties.   Unfortunately, we can't identify the dark haired leggy lovely, who is extremely fine.

When the officer, suspicious of the two's intentions, rebuffs their advances they perform with each other for his appreciation.

"I watched Marta as she caressed her cousin's breast. her tongue followed the course of her slender body, finding sanctuary in the velvet space between her legs."  So, not just lesbian sex but incestuous lesbian sex.  How decadent!

Eventually the officer gives in to their enticements (who wouldn't?) and joins them for a romp on the Nazi flag, which we are sure no self respecting German officer would have done.

Here we have Serena giving us the only real pussy shot in the pictorial; the whole production being rather modest for the period, although the heel on the officer's chest adds to the S&M flavour of the set.

The end of the pictorial highlights what was an unusual S&M theme for Penthouse.   It was also the first time that the magazine had had an S&M scene involving a man.

This is quite an assertive cunnilingus shot for Penthouse too, given the problems they had experienced with The Lady and the Stableboy earlier in the year.

So our officer gets a good seeing to from the cousins in a pictorial that had decadent Nazis (Tinto Brass' Salon Kitty (1976) had been released in the US earlier in the year), incest, lesbianism and S&M.  Quite a statement for Penthouse!

The next Love Set will be  passionate girl/girl one which we aim to scan this weekend.

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Vestal Venuses for Vesta Asperit

Today is Vesta Asperit, a sacred day to Vesta, the Roman Goddess of the hearth.  It is the first day of the Vestalia festival.  On this day the Vestal Virgins spent their time making salted cakes which were used in sacrifices.  

 In the film Caligula (1979) the Vestal Virgins indulged in a mass lesbian romp in a pool in the temple, as might be expected of a film financed by Penthouse's Bob Guccione. In reality, the Vestal Virgins only numbered at most six and, maybe seven and they tended the sacred flame in Rome to ensure it didn't go out.

The passionate vestals in the film consisted of a number of Italian actresses and a bevy of Penthouse Pets.  In a film that is actually short on real eroticism it's an enticing scene and a good opportunity to play spot the Pet!

We will return to this scene in more detail in a future post when we take a look at the depiction of Roman orgies.

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Kissing Venuses 10: Valerie and Caprice

S in Vancouver sent us these lovely shots which look to be from one of those "nearly art" sites.  "Do you remember that time.." she began, when we were speaking to her on Skype the other day.  We knew exactly what she was referring to; the occasion when she and Triple P were dining in a restaurant in Asia and she basically picked up the resident singer, who looked not dissimilar to the darker lady in these pictures, and took her back to our suite after her performance. 

We spent some time observing the two of them and enjoyed the two tone skin contrast as they went through a series of athletic manoeuvres on the bed.  Kissy, kiss.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Spring scene by Hosoda Eishi (c1790)

We will finish our al fresco sex theme with this painting by the Japanese artist Hosoda Eishi (1756-1829).  Most Japanese erotic art was in the form of woodblock prints and actual paintings, such as this, are rarer.  The ability to use more subtle shading gives them a particular delicacy, however.  Eishi, unusually for an artist at the time, was an aristocratic Samurai, as is his male protagonist here.  The woman, however, is wearing a maid's clothing.  This picture is from a set of twelve paintings of lovers, depicted at different times of the year.  The river in the background is the Sumida in Edo (now known as Tokyo). On the right, on the far bank, can be seen the gateway to the Mimeguri shrine which is still there today. This area, at the time of the painting was a popular place to look at flowers.

The view from Kuntsu Sumida Park looking towards the Mimeguri shrine today.  You can just glimpse the pale ochre-coloured Sumida river on the left hand side of the photograph at the chest height of the man in a blue jacket

Today, technically, despite the urbanisation of Tokyo, you could still have al fresco sex on this spot as it is the site of Kuntsu Sumida Park, a narrow open space which follows the river bank for just under a mile.  The shrine is no longer visible from the spot across the river as the view is blocked by the elevated Metropolitan Expressway 6, which runs between it and the river bank.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Watery frolics in the style of Peter Fendi

Here is a trio of paintings which were thought, for may years, to be by Austrian artist Peter Fendi (1796-1842).  Today it is not certain if they were his work or done in his style.  Fendi was a pioneer in colour printing and also designed a number of banknotes for the Austrian government in 1841.

Whoever did them, they have a spritely joy about them as groups of ladies and a couple of very excited gentlemen disport themselves in the water in a very tidy landscape.  In fact it rather reminds Triple P of  Home Park, near his birthplace of Hampton Court.

We haven't managed al fresco sex in Home Park as it is usually far too crowded with people and rather aggressive (sometimes) deer.  We did have a fumble in a more wooded part with our then girlfriend S, once, but decided that we had better wait until we got back to her apartment near Richmond Park instead (especially as it was October and quite cold, even though it was sunny). 

Anyway, these ladies are obviously not worried about the cold (no doubt ladies of the 1830s were better able to deal with the cold than we are today).  These were probably painted about 1835 (there are around 40 pictures altogether) but weren't published as lithographs until 1910.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Angélique et Médor after Agostino Carracci

Back through the centuries for this piece of al fresco reverse cowgirl (as it would not have been called at the time!) action.  In a sylvan landscape a lady guides her lover's erection into her vagina while her companion gazes at it raptly.  We confess that this is still a sight that fills us with delight even after  nearly forty years!  No scrabbling around on the grass for this couple as they have a luxurious looking cushion and a large piece of fabric on which to desport themselves.

Marcantonio Raimondi

This picture has a rather convoluted history.  It is one of  a series of erotic engravings of sexual positions produced in book form under the title I Modi by Marcantonio Raimondi (1480-1534) in 1524.  An engraver, he based his pictures on a series of paintings produced by Giulio Romano (1499-1546) for the Duke of Mantua, Federico II Gonzago's new palazzo in Mantua.  Romano was unaware that Raimondi had used his paintings as the basis for his engravings until Raimondi was imprisoned by Pope Clement VII for producing them.  The  Pope ordered all copies of the books to be destroyed.  Romano escaped imprisonment as his paintings were a private commission and were not, unlike Raimondi's book, for public consumption.   

Pietro Aretino by Titian

The poet and author Pietro Aretino (1492-1556), after going to see Romano's originals, then composed sixteen erotic sonnets to accompany the pictures and he also helped  get Raimondo released from prison.  A second edition of I modi was then published in 1527 which included Raimondi's illustrations and Aretino's sonnets, in the first known example of erotic pictures and text being included in one publication.

Apart from a few fragments in the British Museum the 1527 edition is lost, although Aretino's sonnets survived.  Later Agostino Carracci (1557-1602) reconstructed the illustrations (he must have had access to at least a partial copy at that time, as his illustrations are very close to the British Museum fragments).  In 1798 another edition of I Modi was published in Paris with Carracci's engravings reworked by the French artist Jacques Joseph Coiny (1761-1809).   These are the illustrations we have today.

Angélique et Médor byToussaint Dubreuil (1561-1602)

The story of Angélique et Médor (all the illustrations in I Modi were of famous lovers of myth and history) comes from Orlando Furioso by Ludovico Ariosto (1477-1533).  Based on the much older Song of Roland (Roland and Orlando are the same person) it tells the story of Orlando's love for the pagan princess, Angélique who he married.  However, she began a passionate affair with the Saracen called Médor.   He carved her name into the bark of a tree but Orlando discovered it (you can just see his figure at the right of the engraving at the top of the post).  It was her betrayal that made him furioso.  Perhaps Roland, who as a Paladin of Charlemagne is a sort of French equivalent of Lancelot of King Arthur's round table, was boring in bed and didn't indulge in athletic al fresco girl on top bonking. Orlando carved the inscription off the tree and imprisoned his wife in a tower.   However, she told Orlando that he couldn't carve away her love for Médor and eventually Angélique killed herself, in a typical end for the sexually aggressive woman in European literature.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Mikki Makes a Movie by Ralph Nelson

Given all the pleasing support for our blogs over the recent Google censorship issue, we thought it might be a good idea to look at the comments on some of our posts where a particular girl or pictorial has been requested to see if we can fulfill some of these.  One recently mentioned a girl called Mikki Dessa who, we admit we didn't remember.


However, a little research on our list of Penthouse pictorials showed that it wasn't a solo girl pictorial at all but was actually a couples one appearing in the July 1973 issue.  So why hadn't we included it in our chronological "love sets" coverage?  Quite simply because it was an example of something that both Penthouse and Playboy did back in the sixties and seventies in that it was a pictorial tied to a particular film.  Typically, a specially shot piece from the set featuring a lead or, more usually, a minor actress from a forthcoming film.  Occasionally, the piece might feature a couple as is the case here.   This one was shot outside so, happily, fits in our al fresco sex theme.

Mikki Dessa, Penthouse told us, was twenty-one years old and born in Indonesia.  After a lot of mystical nonsense about people turning themselves into ponies when she was growing up in New Guinea, the piece says that she plays "a small part in White Lightening, and for a few screen moments she turns an erotic vignette opposite co-star Bo Hopkins into a memorable piece of honest filmmaking."  Penthouse speak for "she only appears in a gratuitous sex scene".  So, here is Mikki, no doubt contemplating her script and hoping that her Penthouse pictorial will make her the next big thing.

White Lightning (1973) was one of those Burt Reynolds and cars in the South films, from the time when he was still a proper actor and before he became a parody of himself.  It was supposed to be the big screen debut of Steven Spielberg, who did several months pre-production on it before going on to make Sugarland Express (1973) instead.  White Lightning also saw the uncredited debut of a six year old Laura Dern.

So, off Mikki goes, flaunting her 5' 3", 35-23-35 figure in the Southern swamps and waiting for the casting directors to call.

Unfortunately for Mikki, it never happened.  She isn't mentioned in the cast of White Lightning and it seems her scene with Bo Hopkins was cut, possibly to get the film the PG certificate it ended up with.  A love scene of the sort indicated by this pictorial would have prevented that.

So, here is our second actor in our al fresco drama.  South Carolina born Bo Hopkins had already made a name for himself in the Sam Peckinpah western, The Wild Bunch (1969) and had been appearing on screen since 1966.  He has worked steadily ever since in feature films and TV, including a recurring role in Dynasty in the eighties.

We have two basic locations for the couple's scenes together: Amongst the trees in the swamp and on a wooden landing stage.  As the scene didn't appear in the finished film it is difficult to know which one was shot for the film.

Here they are on the landing stage with Mikki popping perkily out of her blouse and Bo looking mean and moody.  You'd think he would look happier when presented with such a pleasing pair but perhaps he is acting.

Anyway, Bo begins by exploring Mikki's bust in only Penthouse's fourth couples pictorial to date.

As was often the way in films in this period, while the girl has to get naked the man keeps his jeans on.   We get a nice kiss, as well as Bo's hand wandering up between Mikki's legs.

In fact, this picture, where he has his forearm on her pussy, was the most explicit shot in a Penthouse couples pictorial so far.  So, in retrospect, we were wrong to eliminate this as a couples pictorial and will add it to our index on the right.    It's a shame we never saw any more of Mikki but she is certainly beautifully captured in this erotic vignette by photographer Ralph Nelson; one of just five Penthouse pictorials he shot at the time.